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The 25 Thefts of Christmas - 2019

The 25 Thefts of Christmas - 2019

As my Christmas gift to The South Pacific, I thought that I would fill its Erinor Museum of Fine Art with the artwork worthy of such an institution. So I planned and executed the The 25 Art Thefts of Christmas to fill the Museum with the finest and most expensive art work to be found in the world. I placed one piece in the Museum, per day, leading up to Christmas, to with:

  1. The Bathers by Cezanne

  2. The Persistence of Memory, by Dali

  3. The Dance, by Matisse

  4. The Kiss, by Klimt

  5. The Sleeping Gypsy, by Rousseau

  6. The Last Judgement, by Hieronymus Bosch

  7. The Night Watch, by Rembrandt

  8. Massacre of the Innocents by Rubens

  9. No 5, 1948, by Jackson Pollak

  10. Bal du moulin de la Galette, by Renoir

  11. Water Lilies, by Monet

  12. The Scream, by Edvard Munch

  13. Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1, by James Whistler

  14. American Gothic, by Grant Wood

    For more information on, and pictures of, these pieces of art, go LinkHERE or LinkHERE.

The Thievery of Alice Parker