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Well, here we go again...

Third time's the charm!

Concrete Slab for Local Council!!


Volaworand wrote:Erinor I officially nominate Concrete Slab Hanguk-Nippon and Aidenfieeld

Agalaesia wrote:As an addition:

I nominate Midand and Concrete Slab too!

This nomination game is fun, isn't it?

*Eats more chocolate*

Aidenfieeld wrote:Thank you, I accept. I would like to nominate Concrete Slab, Beepee, and The Solar System Scope.

Heya! For those who don't know me, I'm your resident sentient building material, CS, and I'm running for Local Councillor! After a long hiatus and government ban I am ready to continue serving the people of TSP!

Accomplishments and Stuff I Did

-For almost two years I have been an active member of The South Pacific, seen on the regional message board at least once per day.
- I am a leading member in the World Assembly in TSP, usually in the top three for endorsement count and endotarting performance. I even wrote a resolution in the General Assembly and Security Council!
- I have served as a legislator in the TSP forums for many months, voting on pieces of legislation and managing the World Assembly discussion page.
- I am an active member on the TSP discord.
- I am one of the leading fellow of the Ministry of Regional Affairs.
- I have sent many regional telegrams promoting the forums and telling the populace of important announcements.
- Made some SUPER fun polls in my time as an LCer.
- I've served on the Local Council and am 2/2 in election

What You Gonna Do?

My terms have been... quite interesting. Anyway, here's what I want to do next term!
- Continue welcoming new nations to the TSP!
- Legalize double posting! It's pretty annoying when you have different things to say, but your second post is suppressed. If it's obviously spam, I'll suppress. However, I would make double posting in normal settings legal.
- Continue my STELLAR rmb moderation! (:/)
- Make some more most excellent polls!
- Play lots of rmb games, getting feedback from you!
- Make sure that TSP is a welcoming place for new nations!

TSP is my home away from home, and I want to continue making it yours too! So vote for Concrete Slab today!