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New Jaedonstan for Prime Minister: Round One

Hello, citizens of Conch Kingdom! If you don't know me, my name is New Jaedonstan, World Assembly Delegate of Conch Kingdom. I have been a fairly active member for about two years now, but, recently, I have decided to run for Prime Minister! A little bit about myself: I am an experienced member of our regional government, having been the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Surveyor, Associate Justice, and Councilor; I have been on NationStates for about two and a half years; I have served on multiple regional governments and have connections in many more; etc.

My big goal, before I dive into my full campaign, is to SOAR. Soar upwards, Conch Kingdom, soar up. Increase our numbers, increase our influence, increase our activity, increase our fun.

My main goal for Conch Kingdom is to increase our numbers and maintain recruitment. Our current number of residents is one hundred and ten people. Compared to our former high of almost three hundred and fifty, that is a very sad number. Part of that decrease is due to one of our former WAD ejecting a bunch of people. Part of that is a lackluster recruitment campaign. Both can be easily solved. My goal for my first three-month term is to increase the population of CK by, at the very least, a hundred residents. I know that sounds like a lot, but I have a plan for that: the most powerful recruitment weapon out there, you and me. If each of our most active members took half an hour each day or an hour each week, we could get it done. I will be recruiting every day that I can to reach this goal; I encourage you to do the same.

As Prime Minister, I will be in charge of running and administrating the government. I have noticed, in the past, the lackluster and lethargic pace of our government, and I hope to speed it up. Our government needs to reform into a well-oiled machine. My policy will be that of always working towards a goal. Every month, there will be a reachable, reasonable goal that we will achieve and make the region a better place for everyone. We will continue to grow in power and influence, exerting our goals and will in our foreign affairs. We will organize events and increase activity. And, most importantly, we will continue to work towards that goal of the best region in NationStates.

As a region, our roleplay is probably our most active and interesting facet. As Prime Minister, I will be making policies, in tandem with the Minister of Domestic Affairs, to guide and help roleplay as much as possible. Some things currently on the table still include a universal magic system to help regulate the use of magic and other fantastical elements of our RP, a colonization or conflict region where nations can engage in colonization and global conflict without worrying about losing land or political power, and much more.

User Interaction
Our region used to be a very engaging place for all members of Conch Kingdom. That, I believe, has fallen too far down the wayside. So I will be reviving things like the Spotlight, where the regions with the highest nation stats would be rated and all categories weighed. The winner in most categories would get a weekly spotlight and recognition. Another thing we could bring back is the weekly resident questions or interviews, where an active member would be polled for their thoughts on particular points. Other such programs will be put in place to increase user interaction and dedication to the region.

In conclusion, my goal as Prime Minister is to increase our numbers, power, and influence, increase the efficiency and ability of our government, and increase our exciting and engaging atmosphere. Please consider voting for me in the next election.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of my policies or stances, please do let me know via telegram or Discord. Thank you for your time!