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November Retrospect & December Prospect

The East Pacific

November Retrospect & December Prospect



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“Hello, and welcome to The East Pacific”

That is what we would like to say to as many of you as possible.
“But I am already in The East Pacific”, you might think.
Well, yes, you are a resident of the region The East Pacific. However, that does not automatically make you a Citizen.
There is a whole other, deeper level behind that NationStates’ region (as there is for most regions). A level that we would like for you to become a part of!

For instance, if you look at our region’s World Factbook Entry, you’ll see that we have a Delegate, Viziers, Officers, Ministers, and more. These people have been elected, directly or indirectly, by the Citizens. In September, for instance, we have chosen a new Delegate. Unfortunately, our former Delegate did not want to leave his position and tried to stay by attempting to coup our region. With the help of many friends and allies, we were able to turn the tides and got rid of the corrupt dictator and his allies. We have overcome this and are building our future again. But I digress.

The point is, that as a Citizen, among other things you get to vote who our Delegate is, every three months. Also, when you’re a Citizen, you’re able to become a member of staff at one of our Ministries and help shape our future. Also, you can join the Magisterium, which writes the laws of our region. NationStates is about politics, but you can take it so many levels further than just answering issues.

Being a Citizen also comes with perks. When you are a Citizen, you are granted more rights. Citizens have the right to free speech, and can bring a case before the Conclave, our judicial body, when action is taken against them by the regional authorities. They can even get a legal counsel in a trial for the Conclave. So, you’re better protected against a rogue Delegate, like the previous one.

What do you have to do, to become a Citizen, you may ask. Well, that is very simple. Click on the link above or enter Link in your browser and read the instructions carefully. Yes, you have to follow the instructions, because applications contrary to these rules will be rejected! However, the instructions are not difficult. I will take you through them here:

  1. Make sure your application post is made from a private IP address, so not from a computer at school/work and also not through a VPN/proxy. If you need to check your IP address, there’s a link for that at the bottom of that post.

  2. Read the Board Rules with which you’ll have to comply. A link to those is also at the bottom of that post for that.

  3. Make sure your nation resides within the region The East Pacific. Can I get a “dûh” for that? But really, you don’t want to know how often applications have been rejected due not having a nation in our region.

  4. Also make sure you mention your TEP-nation in your forum profile. Again, you don’t want to know how often applications have been rejected for this reason. There are even two ways to do it, because there is one field where you can enter something after “Nation in TEP” and there is another field where you can enter something after “Link Your Nation”. Personally, I like it when you fill in both fields, but either one is enough!

  5. Read our Concordat. This is the basic, primary law of our region. It tells you about our executive government (i.e. the Executive, or the Ministries), about our legislative government (the Magisterium), about our judicial branch (Conclave), and about our safeguards (the Viziers). It also tells you about Citizenship and Citizenship’s rights. This is the piece you’ll be ratifying, so read it.

  6. Copy the form available in the instruction, and paste it in a new reaction into that topic. Answer the questions in that form, to give us an idea about your history. The form also contains the plea, the oath you take by posting your application.

  7. And then, you just have to wait until someone from CitComm will verify your application. When we find flaws in your application or have questions about it, we will let you know in the topic or via a Telegram. When you have rectified the flaws, you can apply again. When your application is okay, we forward it to the forum administrators. They will check your IP address among other things and if all is okay, you will receive the role “Citizen”.

This might look a long list, but most of it are things that you already have or have done. So, without further ado, head over to the forum and get your citizenship today!

Looking back on our Ministry’s goals for November

For this November I set out two main goals. You may have found them as a pinned message in our Discord channel #immigration and as a pinned topic in Linkour section of the forum.

The first goal was to actively start advertising citizenship.
Regarding the first goal, I can say that I have seen my Deputy Minister Tretrid actively advertise citizenship. He is also a masker at our Discord server and has pointed many of the people joining there towards our forum and citizenship. I have also seen Telegrams sent on behalf of Encurage, our Minister of Manpower, and on behalf of Lerasi, a member of staff at the Ministry of Information and communications, soliciting people to become Citizen and then maybe join our government, or our military, or …
I would say this goal has been reached, but we can do even better, so I will prolong this goal with a little modification as a goal for December.

The second goal was to have 20 new citizens since the end of October 20. I must admit, this was not achieved . At the end of the month, I have counted 15 citizenship applications that were approved by a member of CitComm (the Committee that handles the citizenship applications), most of them by myself. However, some failed after that, for instance due to not having posted from a private IP address. As I am not certain about the number of Citizens at the beginning, I cannot state the actual increase for sure. I know for sure that the number was 207 on the 16th of November. Given the number of accepted applications, the number would have been 201 at the end of October, and at the end of October it should have been 216. However, the list of Citizens I’ve used here, has been disputed. So, that will become my second goal for December. To have a clear and maintainable list of Citizens, or at least of the ongoing modifications to that.

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Looking ahead to December

The ministry’s goals for December are going to be:

  1. Continue and increase advertising Citizenship.

  2. Get, or create, a maintained list of Citizens, or at least of modifications in the number of Citizens.

Movement in The East Pacific

On the forum, I also posted a possibly ongoing task for myself; getting an overview of the movement of residents. I intend to make this a more automated task in the near future, but for now I have done this research more or less by hand.

Scanning the region’s daily activity showed that in November, there were on average more than 236 nations founded each day. That is approximately one new nation, every six minutes! This is something that could be expected though, considering we are a feeder region. A sample showed that the other four Pacifics received approximately equal numbers, so we did receive about 20% of all new nations.
At the same time though, there were also more than 141 nations that ceased to exist (CTE) in The East Pacific on an average day this month.
And there were nations moving in and out of our region. Unfortunately, most of these movements were out of our region. Again, I consider this to be expected, since we’re a feeder region – we feed nations to other regions. On average, almost 17 nations moved from another region to The East Pacific daily, whereas almost 117 nations moved from The East Pacific to another region.

I say nations, but that is not true. Nations may have moved in and out multiple times per day. I actually counted the movements, not the nations. However, if a nation moves out, back in, and out again (so, once in and twice out), there’s still one nation less. So, as you add or extract all movements appropriately, you should still see the total change in the number of nations. When doing so, you’ll notice that the total number of nations in The East Pacific remained almost constant over the month. According to this count, we’ve lost 96 nations during November.
This is more or less consistent with the data that is wrapped together once a day by NS themselves, after the major daily update. The number of nations fluctuated between 7282 and 7502, with an average of 7425 nations.

What will be interesting to me are the nations moving into The East Pacific. In December, I will be focusing on those. Why did they choose to move into The East Pacific? Hopefully, in a month, I can give you an answer to that question.

That's it for now. Hopefully, we'll see you soon, as a Citizen of our region. Check out the forum. Check out our Discord. Links are in the top section of this dispatch. And join community of The East Pacific. Claim your citizenship today!

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. We're here to help.

Your Ministry of Immigration:

VW53Aland, Minister

Tretrid, Deputy Minister