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Vote FOR GA Resolution "Repeal 'Ban On Secret Treaties'"


Federation of Conservative Nations

Resolution at Vote: Repeal: “Ban On Secret Treaties”
Vote Recommendation: FOR

Resolution Analysis
The soon-to-be-voted-on General Assembly bill (Repeal: “Ban On Secret Treaties”) would remove an egregious resolution from the books of the General Assembly.

Ban On Secret Treaties should never have been passed to begin with, as it made a mockery of the General Assembly by defining "secret treaty" as "military-grade weapons and feline animals of varying sizes with tabby coats" . This abuse of definition has no place in the lawbooks.

If language is to mean anything at all, the General Assembly must stand against arbitrary redefinition of words. The plain and universally understood meaning of "secret treaty" should be restored to it's rightful place.

Therefore, as the Delegate for the Federation of Conservative Nations, I cast my vote FOR and urge all FCNers to do likewise.

For my more detailed address on this measure, please read In Defense of Language: Repeal "Ban on Secret Treaties".

New Waldensia
Delegate of the Federation of Conservative Nations

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