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In Defense of Language: Repeal "Ban on Secret Treaties"


Federation of Conservative Nations
Office of the WA Delegate and Head Diplomat

Resolution at Vote: Repeal: “Ban On Secret Treaties”
Vote Recommendation: FOR

Esteemed World Assembly Delegates and Members,

I rise today in defense of language, common definition, and universally-understood meaning of words. Specifically, I stand in favor of the General Assembly bill Repeal: “Ban On Secret Treaties”.

To begin with, Ban On Secret Treaties makes a mockery of the General Assembly by defining "secret treaty" as "military-grade weapons and feline animals of varying sizes with tabby coats".

This is a completely arbitrary and capricious redefinition of a phrase that for all time has been plainly understood. This egregious resolution ought to be removed. This abuse of defining power ought to be stricken from the lawbooks.

If language is to mean anything at all, the General Assembly must stand against arbitrary redefinition of words. Words should not be redefined at the every whim of World Assembly resolution authors.

Where does it end? Which word will be redefined next? A Pandora's Box has been opened, and it must be closed.

Some will say that the target resolution causes no harm. On the contrary, it really affects any future legislation. Any use of the phrase "secret treaty" now carries with it a wildly different meaning that it did previously. Now, any word can have its meaning changed by slipping a clause into an unrelated WA resolution, altering its effect and definition for the rest of time.

Do you see why this dangerous piece of legislation must be repealed? For the safety and security of all nations, definitions must not be tampered or muddled with unnecessarily. Defining words in resolution ought to be done exceedingly carefully, upholding the original meaning and clarifying how it applies to the measure at hand, not wildly altering the usual understanding of the word.

The plain and universally understood meaning of "secret treaty" should be restored to its rightful place.

Therefore, as the Delegate for the Federation of Conservative Nations, I will cast my vote FOR this Repeal and urge all WA delegates and members to do likewise.

New Waldensia
Delegate of the Federation of Conservative Nations