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Official Novus Lucidum Constitution

Official Novus Lucidum Constitution


We the citizens of the sovereign free lands of Novus Lucidum. These truths we hold are self evident as all are created equal, all nations possess the freedom to control their own destiny and as inclusive community. A new direction as NationStates which are independent and free from Brad the Tyrant. Following this guiding light forward never looking backwards as it strives become a strong community in name of our regional independence everyday forth.

SECTION 1: The Roles of The Council

A.) Novus Lucidum is governed by The Council of Novus Lucidum, which shall operate under ministries nations and involve only nations admitted into the World Assembly or declared as verified citizens of Novus Lucidum. The following ministries which created considered basic offices for a functional regional government:


-Lieutenant Governor

-Civil Affairs/Press Secretary

- Defense

- Foreign Affairs




B.) Within their powers, The Council shall be able to create ministries and appoint ministers as deemed appropriate. The Council shall also hold the power to delegate regional authorities to such nations that become ministers.

C.) The Council shall hold the authority to terminate or extend diplomatic relations with any region, and this authority shall be considered as binding.

D.) The Council shall be permitted to issue binding or non-binding resolutions, though this body shall pass no law regulating the free will of a nation to choose their own currency, national name, style of government, national religion or lack thereof, national motto, national flag, capital city or leader.

E.) Issue of land to member nations shall be approved by The Council only if they are exceeding the amount of land originally given to a member state or if land claims are in conflict with another member nation.

F.) The Council may regulate the borders of member states if any land claim is deemed to be unreasonable by a majority of voting nations on The Council.

G.) Council nations are not obligated to participate in votes, however, non-votes shall not be counted as abstentions and resolutions or amendments may only consider the nations voting, given the number of votes reaches a quorum on any measure, when considering whether the resolution reaches a simple majority or a two thirds majority.

H.) The Council may amend the Constitution of Novus Lucidum via a two thirds vote of The Council.

I.) This Constitution of Novus Lucidum shall be declared valid and binding upon a two thirds vote from The Council.

J.) All elections shall require a period of 36 hours for voting to occur. All other council votes, including amendments, land claims and resolutions, shall require a minimum of 24 hours for voting to occur.

SECTION 2: Separation of Powers

A.) The Minister of Infrastructure shall be granted the authority to assign tracts of land through Novus Lucidum's Geographical Survey, so long as such assignments of land are not deemed unreasonable by a majority of Council nations.

B.) Only The Council, through binding resolution or delegation of powers to a minister through binding vote, shall be granted the authority to settle challenged land disputes.

C.) The Founder of Novus Lucidum is forbidden from issuing binding edicts without an approval of a majority of The Council's support. Only the governor can issue executive orders which considered binding as part of his governor powers. Lieutenant Governor only issues executive order in case of absence of governor for extended period of time or resignation of the governor till election of new governor.

D.) The Founder of Novus Lucidum is forbidden from vetoing any binding resolution issued from The Council, and is required to enforce such actions under penalty of decision by a jury delegated by The Council or an assigned ministry.

E.) The Founder of Novus Lucidum, Minister of Defense, Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Minister of Civil Affairs shall be allowed to enact password protection if the region's security is threatened, so long as communications are relayed with our ministers of War, Security and Intelligence.

F.) The powers of The Founder of Novus Lucidum shall be delegated through the title of Chief of Staff, under behalf of whomever serving as Governor; and in recognition serve as Operations Director of the region.

SECTION 3: Protections of Privilege

A.) It shall be considered a crime against the region if any nation is found guilty of harassing another state on the basis of sexual orientation, faith, gender, gender identity, race, income level, age or political leanings.

SECTION 4: Assignments of Ministries

A.) Ministers may be challenged to an election by any Council nation at any time.

B.) Terms shall remain undefined for elected ministries.

C.) Any minister can be removed from office by a no-confidence simple majority vote by The Council.

D.) The Minister of Foreign Affairs shall have the duties of managing the foreign relations of Novus Lucidum and shall be granted embassy authorities. Furthermore, this position shall have the authority to accept or deny embassies without Council approval but this ministry must uphold all binding resolutions passed by The Council that apply to this position's authorities.

E.) The Minister of Defense shall be tasked with the duties of planning for both defensive and offensive operations on behalf of Novus Lucidum, surveying the region for suspicious threats, including possible raiders, and monitoring all threats to Novus Lucidum. This Ministry shall be permitted to coordinate any military actions Novus Lucidum engages in, be responsible for updating the threat level's issued in our World Factbook with appearance permissions, and engage in operations on behalf of Novus Lucidum through puppet nations that may be cloaked in identity. This position does not have the authority to declare war without Council approval, which shall require a simple majority vote. This position does have the authority to suppress posts and eject nations as deemed appropriate through border control. This position shall also be granted Border Control Authority, Appearance, and Embassy permissions.

F.) The WA Delegate shall not be granted executive authority and shall simultaneously serve in the role of governor, which shall be granted all executive authorities. This position shall be considered the chief executive of Novus Lucidum and may be challenged to an election at any given time by any Council nation. All WA nations in Novus Lucidum are further obligated to endorse the elected WA Delegate by penalty of law.

G.) The Minister of Civil Affairs shall be tasked with maintaining order on Novus Lucidum's Regional Message Boards, and shall enforce the WA endorsement laws regarding the elected WA Delegate. This position shall be granted border control authorities. This ministry shall also be tasked with enforcing this Constitution if it is violated by any member state and reporting it to The Council for further action.

H.) The Minister of Economy shall manage the preferred currency of Novus Lucidum and shall be granted appearance authority. This ministry shall be permitted to begin programs in the economic interest of the region without Council authority, though any program begun by this ministry may be discontinued by The Council with a simple majority vote.

I.) All ministers shall be granted the permissions of communications and polling, in addition to assigned powers.

J.) Ministers are forbidden from abusing their powers for personal gain.

K.) Any ministry can be created or eliminated by The Council via simple majority vote.

L.) The Lieutenant Governor, which shall be an elected position, shall assume the duties of WA Delegate & Governor if the WA Delegate & Governor should become incapacitated, or unable to fulfill the assigned duties of the Governor's office for any reason. Should the WA Delegate & Governor resign, or be removed from office for any reason, the duly elected Lieutenant Governor will assume the duties of WA Delegate & Governor. The Lieutenant Governor shall be assigned all executive permissions, including border controls.

SECTION 5: Citizenship in Novus Lucidum

A.) A citizen of Novus Lucidum shall be considered any WA nation residing within Novus Lucidum.

B.) Non-WA nations may apply for and be granted citizenship only after registering on Novus Lucidum's offsite forums and validating their IP is not identical to another WA member state within Novus Lucidum.

C.) Only verified citizens of Novus Lucidum may participate in regional elections, either as a candidate or a voter. Additionally, only verified citizens may participate in The Council of Novus Lucidum.

D.) The Minister of Defense is responsible for verifying citizenship for non-WA nations.

SECTION 6: Defining Due Process in Novus Lucidum

A.) Any citizen of Novus Lucidum shall be afforded the opportunity for a fair trial with The Council of Novus Lucidum serving as a jury of their peers before justice and sentencing is implemented.

B.) The Founder, Governor, or Minister of Civil Affairs may appoint a special prosecutor to present evidence against a nation accused of criminal acts.

C.) Sentencing after the conviction of a citizen nation or nations for any crime shall be decided by The Council of Novus Lucidum in a separate vote after a conviction is affirmed.

D.) Any conviction shall be subject to a pardon, which shall expunge the criminal conviction in question, by the elected WA Delegate through said nation's powers as Governor of Novus Ludicum.

E.) No specific crime may be retried in the event a nation is found innocent of charges presented, and no pardon may be reversed by a subsequent WA Delegate through the Governor position.

SECTION 7: Defining Criminal Acts Within Novus Lucidum

A.) Harassment through the aggressive taunting, intimidating or threatening of a fellow citizen or citizens shall be defined as a criminal act subject to prosecution.

B.) Espionage against a fellow citizen or citizens within Novus Lucidum shall be defined as a criminal act subject to prosecution.

C.) Collusion with foreign regional governments for the purpose of winning a regional election in Novus Lucidum or undermining Novus Lucidum's regional government shall be defined as a criminal act subject to prosecution.

D.) Controlling WA multis within Novus Lucidum shall be defined as a criminal act subject to prosecution.

E.) Hate speech against any citizen or non-citizen the basis of sexual orientation, faith, gender, gender identity, race, income level or age shall be defined as a criminal act subject to prosecution.

F.) Voter fraud shall be defined as any action or actions that lead to a citizen of Novus Lucidum having more than one vote on The Council of Novus Lucidum and shall be defined as a criminal act subject to prosecution.

G.) Nations are banned from having terror organization whether they are government run or a separate entity.

Amendment 1

The spread or out of character support of bigotry, nazism, or the murder of people for political motivations will be subject to reprimand at the discretion of the Minister of Civil Affairs. Every nation is still guaranteed the right to believe their own economic or social ideals as long as they do not violate the above conditions.