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We will rebuild!

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Department of Internal Affairs

Hello, everyone. This dispatch was created to inform everyone, whether they be a FCN resident waking up and finding the FCN server gone from their server list or someone who isn't a big fan of our region, of the apparent destruction of the FCN discord. At around midnight, our disused FCN bot was apparently hijacked by an outside user and was used to ban numerous users from our discord server, create several spam channels to spam tag the populace of the server, and delete existing channnels. Over two years of history and messages were deleted in the attack.

While it does seem as if the attack was indeed targeted specifically at our region, I could not identify the users who participated in the attack that essentially ended our discord. What is clear is that the previous FCN discord was completely lost in this disgusting act, and every message that was sent by any user on the discord is indeed gone. It also seems as if what was discord server has been renamed 'India' in an apparent attempt at humor, though I'm sure that any Indian would indeed be disgusted to be affiliated with the pathetic excuses for human beings who committed the attack.

Indeed, everything does seem lost. This despicable attack does serve as a reminder that all good things come to an end..But , fortunately or unfortunately for the reader, we aren't planning on coming to an end anytime soon. For anyone who is in the FCN, please stay tuned for updates on the situation. For those outside of the FCN, I would like to ask for aid in the search for those responsible for the attack, whether you love us or hate us. We have no idea whether the perpetrators are members of the NationStates community or not.

Images confirming this attack and some of the attackers may be found Linkhere. Additionally, we will make due haste to ensure that all participants are properly punished and removed from the discord platform. We request that anyone who has knowledge of how to prevent such an attack and the hijacking of discord bots come forward to aid us.

We would like to request information on the following users for participating in the destruction of our discord server:
Ya boy, Mario#8478
the finale#8466

This dispatch will be updated with any future updates.

Edit 1-4-17: We would also like to request information on the following users for participating in the destruction of our discord server and that of Captain Lard's discord server.

Doge Republics (And any related nations)
sir taco#8885 (User ID 634899130367606804)
𝕭𝖎𝖌 𝕭𝖔𝖎#3139 (User ID 640779553890893824)

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