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Following a global economic upheaval in which the majority of 'Old World' nations had destroyed themselves through uncontrollable riots, the world, particularly the still-turbulent Southeast Asia region, has begun the process of slowly rebuilding itself. It is 2032, and with the old nations gone, new nations quickly emerged as new governments try to bring order to the turbulent region. This proved mostly successful as the region experienced a period of peace for a considerable amount of time, with relations between once hostile neighbouring countries thawing and new trade deals being signed to foster closer economic ties. This period also saw the development of a new hyperloop for trade and mass hyperspeed transit of people between neighbours Temasek, Federation of Sarawak and Karoghustan in what was then known as the Trans-Nusantaran Hyperloop (TNH), and later as the Austrasia Trade and Transit Hyperloop (ATTH) after several other nations joined in the project. This close economic cooperation was then naturally followed by the establishment of a military alliance between the signatory nations with the appropriately named "Overpowered Retards Alliance" (O.R.A), later changed to "Devastatingly Overpowered Retards Alliance" (D.O.R.A). This alliance would then be almost immediately put to the test as Macres started a dispute with D.O.R.A signatory Federation of Sarawak as a diplomatic row ensured between the two nations over ownership of the Spratly Islands. This unresolved issue quickly escalated with two occasions of cargo ship hijackings by Macres Marines, with the last one being a cargo ship of ATTH signatory New Lizhou, resulting in Ops Merdeka, a freedom of navigation operation by D.O.R.A peacekeeping forces in the South China sea near Macres-held Palawan after D.O.R.A intelligence revealed the high likelihood of a splinter group within the Macres government intent on causing chaos. The freedom of navigation operation then quickly escalated to an ongoing state of total war following the suspected theft of Riceia's high tech prototype submarine by Macres and near unanimous decision by signatory nations of D.O.R.A to take military action.

NOTE: New nations will be neutral entities in the war by default until their actions demonstrate otherwise.