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Want to be an Ambassador?

Forest Ambassadorships

Thank you for your interest in filling the role of Ambassador on behalf of Forest! As an Ambassador, you will fulfill a vital role, serving as the primary link and liaison between us and our friends in other regions. The duties of an Ambassador are assigned by the Forest Keeper and the designated Foreign Minister of Forest, and may change from time to time or in response to specific events, but the basics are fairly straightforward:

Duties of a Forest Ambassador

1) Regularly visit your embassy region's page, and keep current on any notable discussion in their RMB or forums.

2) Make sure to introduce yourself to the region on their RMB, and occasionally chime in to say hello, participate in their conversations where it's appropriate, and respond to any inquiries about Forest. If your assigned region has a foreign minister, make sure to directly contact them on your arrival to say hello and make yourself known.

3) Notify the region when Forest has an event that our allies are welcome to join, and notify Forest when the ally has an event we can join. This can often be readily accomplished by cross-posting the link to an eventís dispatch.

4) If something major goes down (positive, negative, or just especially interesting), pass along word to Forest's government so we are aware of what is going on. This might include things like elections for executive positions, major changes in laws, or dangerous events like raids.

5) Comply with the laws and rules of the embassy region where you are working! Remember that you are serving as a representative of all of Forest, so please act appropriately and in accordance with the guidelines of that regionís government. If a situation comes up where you do not feel like you can legitimately act in such a manner, please immediately notify Forestís government for guidance and support.

6) Other minor tasks may come up, but generally speaking, an Ambassadorship is a social role focused on maintaining pleasant relationships with our friends in other regions, and ensuring easy two-way communications should the need arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to move there?
A: No, you donít have to move there. The nation we know you as should remain a resident of Forest. Many regions permit embassy allies to post to their RMB, so you should be able to communicate effectively in that manner, if you wish to use your primary Forest account as your Ambassador persona.

Q: Can I use or move there with an alt?
A: Absolutely! This is encouraged, if the embassy region permits it, as it lets you fully immerse yourself in the embassy regionís culture and communications. It is polite to verify with the regionís government that they are ok with ambassadors in residence (smaller regions in particular may like to know everybody they have present), but generally speaking regions are very welcoming to ambassadors.

Q: How much should I participate?
A: Some regions are happy to have resident ambassadors participate fully as citizens, while others will draw a distinction between ďfull timeĒ residents and those who represent outside interests. Generally speaking, when you first introduce yourself would be a good time to ask how much they would like you to participate. If given no guidance, I would suggest that it is appropriate to be social and join discussions, but is probably best to refrain from voting on weighty matters of government in regional polls, unless specifically invited to do so. Ambassadors are there to communicate with regional governments, not change them.

Q: What if I donít know how to respond to a query?
A: Contact the Forest Keeper and Foreign Minister! You arenít expected to know everything, have all the answers, or make policy decisions and commitments. Youíre there to help make sure questions and answers move smoothly back and forth, and to facilitate the passage of information between governments.

Does being an ambassador sound like it might be for you? Contact Uan aa Boa about open opportunities with the Forest ambassador program!

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