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The History of Jan Mackistan's Leaders

In 1734, the first people coming off the Jones Barr ship from Larangaria were bickering among each other who would be the greatest leader of the entire ship's passengers. They all decided that Norris Jan would be the country's best fit. After a meeting in the Great Eastern Forest, Jan became the newly formed country's first leader. After 42 years of leading a new country through wars, recoveries, and structurings, he passed away at home. Next in line was Apollo Mackistan. He shone the path for The Jan Union for 56 years. After his death, Daniel Wofft took the throne. On the 2nd anniversary of Mackistan's death, he made the most historic change. Changing The Jan Union to Jan Mackistan. It was a hit throughout the country, one to last for a couple hundred years. He was influential and in all ways amazing for the 100-year-old country. After 6 years, he died in an accident. Victor McEntyere then was named leader. He made Piazzo Plaza in Jannapolis, let Harmonian and Larangarian immigrants in, and funded St. Jude's in America. He died after 67 years of leading Jan Mackistan. After him, there was Kris Delingo. He made sure that terrorists would go away by making ideas that Stephen Stein would live up to. After 46 years, Delingo passed away in Wofftville. Then Lawrence Johannsen became leader. He made a dam through Maxford in search of fame. 40 years passed, no fame. He was then shot in Jannapolis in 1991. Then, we get Stephen Stein. He still is here today. He lived up to Delingo's plans and made a good police force and most of today's laws. Those are all of our leaders.