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"Extrema Remedia" Protocol Reference List

Since its inception as "Project Safe House" during the Cold War, the Lethe Global Initiative has constantly created and revised tens of millions of contingency response protocols for various catastrophic scenarios ranging from the mundane (such as a seasonal hurricane) to the most unlikely or even seemingly impossible events (such as spontaneous lunar combustion). Tragically, in order to attempt the preservation of human and/or intelligent life and, if threatened, the current highest level of technological progress and scientific mastery (or other similar field(s) of information such as human and pre-historic history), drastic measures are to be considered if the possibility of this objective's success is at risk of being compromised.

Although no longer widely known (or at least discussed) in the general public, these protocols are the subject of various controversial debates which question if Lethe has too much power or should even continue to exist if many of these protocols were even considered to have been proposed to any form of government authority in the world. However, despite this perceived risk of Lethe having the capability to usurp governmental power, these protocols pose a surprisingly harmless threat level to either Lethe's founding objective, government power structures, or any civilians on their own as their use by any extent is unable to be authorized by Lethe's entire administration (including the Director) or even national leaders unless there is a measurable threat which is imminent/ongoing that is likely to cause the extinction of human and/or intelligent life and prompt Rapid Complete Global Society Collapse (RCGSC).

These sets of protocols were designated under the name Extrema Remedia (formerly Extrema Ratio and "Final Resort" protocols) as the Latin quote "Extremis Malis Extrema Remedia" was used as a mnemonic device. This quote literally translates to "Extreme Evil, Extreme Remedy" and is more commonly translated as the proverb "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

ADVISORY NOTICE: This reference list lists the "Final Resort" protocols top to bottom and starting from absolute last possible resort to measures that are universally considered to be drastically less extreme and are to be used first if any are absolutely necessary. Additionally, most of these protocols are only theoretically possible by a remote hypothetical chance and, although varying in placement, are occasionally only applicable to as few as one (1) contingency scenario.

CSRP-LR 0: --MULTIPLE ENTRIES-- MOST RECENT: Voluntary Dismantlement of Project Safe House and/or Any Similar Operations
CSRP-LR 3: "LAME" Protocol, "Last Man On Earth" Contingency
CSRP-LR 4: Deployment of Personnel Isolation Group ("Delta") as an Offensive Utility
CSRP-LR 5: "Hail Mary" Protocol, Total Resource Investment Towards "Midnight Skies"/Last-Ditch Attempt Research
CSRP-LR 6: "Load-Bearing Social Structure" Protocol, Formation of a Global Scale Government In the Event of a Post-Collapse Scenario
CSRP-LR 7: "1776" Protocol, Anonymous Sponsorship of Reformative or Revolutionary Factions to Avert American Political Self-Destruction
CSRP-LR 8: "Pandora's Box" Protocol, Indefinite Quarantine/Total Lockdown of Individual SIP Sites/MUES Facilities
CSRP-LR 9: "Blowout" Protocol, Self-Destruction of Individual SIP Sites/MUES Facilities

CSRP-LR 10: x
CSRP-LR 11: "Greatest Monsters" Protocol, Intentional Extinction of a Species
CSRP-LR 12: x
CSRP-LR 13: x
CSRP-LR 14: x
CSRP-LR 15: x
CSRP-LR 16: x
CSRP-LR 17: "All Hands" Protocol, Intensified Mass Civilian Recruitment, Training, and Specialized Education Drive
CSRP-LR 18: Utilization of Thermonuclear Explosive Device(s)
CSRP-LR 19: "Historical Repurposing" Protocol, Utilization of Historical Objects and/or Locations

CSRP-LR 20: "Sleeping Giant" Protocol, Activation of PSUP Personnel Military Training
CSRP-LR 21: "Rabbit's Foot" Protocol, Emergency PSUP Personnel or Lethe Sponsored Reproduction Drive
CSRP-LR 22: x
CSRP-LR 23: "Wunderwaffe" Protocol, Accelerated Field Testing of Hardware and Formation of Dedicated Mobile Task Force "X-Ray 6"
CSRP-LR 24: x
CSRP-LR 25: x
CSRP-LR 26: x
CSRP-LR 27: x
CSRP-LR 28: x
CSRP-LR 29: x

CSRP-LR 30: "Cobblestone City" Protocol, Saturation Bombardment Response
CSRP-LR 31: x
CSRP-LR 32: x
CSRP-LR 33: x
CSRP-LR 34: "Great Wall" Protocol, Enactment of Regional Quarantine/Isolation
CSRP-LR 35: "Sheriff" Protocol, Assumption of Service as a Temporary or Long-Term Replacement to a Governing Structure Due to Societal Collapse
CSRP-LR 36: Long-Term Authority to Serve as a Localized Government Structure
CSRP-LR 37: Temporary Authority to Serve as a Localized Government Structure
CSRP-LR 38: "Ostrich" Protocol, Indefinite Lockdown of Occupied SIP Sites/MUES Facilities
CSRP-LR 39: x

CSRP-LR 40: x
CSRP-LR 41: x
CSRP-LR 42: Mass Civilian Recruitment
CSRP-LR 43: x
CSRP-LR 44: x
CSRP-LR 45: x
CSRP-LR 46: x
CSRP-LR 47: x
CSRP-LR 48: Immediate General Evacuation and Utilization of SIP Sites and/or MUES Facilities
CSRP-LR 49: Unauthorized Activation Under Catastrophe Response Directive

CSRP-LR 50: Precautionary Evacuation of Personnel
CSRP-LR 51: Martial Law
CSRP-LR 52: Unauthorized Emergency Response to a Mishandled Event
CSRP-LR 53: Unauthorized Public Advisory Immediate SIP Site and/or MUES Facility Activation

A Note From Task Division Prometheus Administration:
"We all understand the blatant meaning of the efforts every one of us is undertaking. For Christ's sake, our entire division is named "Prometheus" because in Greek mythology the man's name translated to "foresight". Project Safe House is here because we need to figure out how to stop or at least try to minimize the damage of what's yet to come. I know what they're officially called but these are not contingencies, they are eventualities. A great deal of these will most likely happen one day because we enabled some idiot with a button. I won't lie at all because it'll just end up being counterproductive and, quite frankly, we need to trust each other when things get tough. The entire organization knows you're under a lot of pressure by trying to figure out how it's possible to save everyone from any scenario even though realistically, it seems virtually impossible because there'll always be tragic casualties over something as tiny and uncontrollable as an untied shoelace and a set of stairs. We all know this is the biggest and toughest job in the world and if we had any say in how your efforts were celebrated, we'd give a parade for each and every one of you. You've done the main bulk of the work that's the most logistically complicated in history. You've made the safeguards. You've even made safeguards for safeguards and safeguards for those safeguards. Unfortunately, this is the hard part. Although none of us want to back down from what we believe in for even a nanosecond, we understand that our efforts can't be for nothing. This is an apocalypse we are trying to battle against. It might not happen today, tomorrow, or even in your great-great-great-grandchildren's lifetimes, but it will happen sooner or later.

The universe does not care if our pale blue speck suddenly winks out of existence; only we can do that. You all applied and were hand-picked just to go through further vetting because we know these most recent pointless wars filled with bloodshed and monstrous cruelty have now officially opened Pandora's Box and humanity will never be able to go back from it now that it has created devices which can only be described with the words 'existential threat'. This entire organization was founded upon the ideas that objective compromises should never be made and that you should not make evil in order that good may be made from it (which is the exact opposite of anything Machiavelli ever said might I add). We are here to aid humanity and its continuity, nothing more. Unfortunately, we also believe there is necessary strength in using moral relativism as it could help us deal with very difficult situations and so we must reluctantly carry on and create these ultimate final resorts we can look to when nothing else can work. I completely understand if you're outraged by this development and we were wrong to keep this set of contingency planning from you for so long even if we were only up until now deciding if we should remotely consider this idea. If you decide to blow the whistle and give these desperate last resorts to the press not even the Director will blame you. In the meantime though, I've been acting as a sort of chaplain for you all. A man you can vent to or a face you can pin all the blame. I don't blame you. In fact, I encourage it. A lot of you have even been questioning if absolutely anything we've done up until now was right if anyone could even think of this. Even more of you have wondered if writing these "Final Resort" protocols is justifiable. That's good. It means you still have a soul."
- Dr. Preston Edward Folmar, Task Division Prometheus Head

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