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The War of East Karma

Norris Jan was waiting for his daily debriefing one day in 1763 when the Jan Union High General, Frank Willard, came in with a scared tone of voice. "We're under attack!" he frantically yells. "Where are they coming in from?" Jan asks, worried about the country's public safety. "They are coming from Aoraland, West Valorland, and East Karma," Willard reports. He then leaves and grabs his troops.

The troops' first battle was in Harmonia, where the East Karmanian troops and The Jan Union's troops fought out. Under Willard's strong ideas, The Jan Union's warriors ended up victorious. They moved back to Jannapolis where West Valorian troops awaited for a battle. About 500 Jan Troops died that day. A loss didn't upset Willard. It made him feel confident that he and his troops can win. The Battle of The Quadforces then began. The Jan Union ended up victorious again, except they eliminated the 3 other inferior nations.

That is the only war during Jan's era that went on with his country. Luckily, he escaped many wars and only this one was fought.