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Region Policies

Official policies of Novus Lucidum

Stance: Isolationist

Racism and fascism in the region will not be tolerated nor supported within or outside in other known regions but as a region will shall remain open to help other regions outside encouraging to help them change their image for the better in order to clear their past aggression and focus on a hopeful future taking a new path forward.

Avoid the conflicts OOC between communism, socialism, fascism, capitalism, etc. This all must be kept in IC during role play.

Any relations or support to extremist regions are banned. We will only have relations with regions that are civil, respected and like minded that holds the general same interests and ideals of our own region. Any discovery of regions that do will promptly result in immediate termination.

Welcome all regions to be allies with us long as they are respectful and don't display no aggression to our region.

Any spam or attempt a violent coup attempt will result in a banject.

Free speech is permitted but keep any political talk to a minimum.