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A Picture Perfect Christmas
A Picture Perfect Christmas

This region is very special. Well, so I've heard. But in the (competitive) spirit of the season, I've commissioned a portrait series by the delightful Candida Höfer. Yes, that Candida Höfer. I know, it's exciting, but keep it in your pants. In traditional Höfer style, these aren't traditional portraits. No, these are portraits of the buildings of TSP*, the places that make this region great. So marvel at this sixteen piece collection, revealed at a special gallery opening on Christmas Eve and promptly transferred to the [nation]Erinor[nation] Museum of Fine Art in time for Christmas Day.

The High Court

The Delegate's Palace

The Ministry of Regional Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Erinor Museum of Fine Art

The Prime Minister's Humble Abode

The Local Council Mansions

The Prime Minister's Other Humble Abode

The South Pacific Regional Theatre

The MATT-DUCK Law Archive

The Fudgetopia Government Centre

The Prime Minister's Other Other Humble Abode

The Cabinet Audience Chamber

The Prime Minister's Most Humble Abode of All

*Unfortunately, due to armed guards and Candida being a big baby about a little razor wire and napalm booby traps, we were unable to photograph the CRS compound or the South Pacific Special Forces center of operations.