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Odinburgh Trade Overview Information

Odinburgh Trade Center

Trade Partners

Novus Lucidum Bank:


Agricultural Resources Odinburgh: Potatoes 150, Corn 250, Lemons 400, Poultry 500, Tomato 500, Flax 750, Cucumber 750, Wheat 850, Pumpkin 1000, Sheep 1200, Barley 1400, Pig 1600, Hemp 2000, Horseradish 2000, Cow 2250, Grapes 2500, Apple 2600, Banana 2800, Coconut 3000, Soybean 3000, Cotton 3100, Coffee 3300, Fig 3400, Melons 3500, Capsicum (spice) 3500, Olives 3600, Papaya 3800, Rice 3900, Cassava 4000, Cloves (spice) 4000, Avocado 4000, Sugar 4500, Tobacco 5000, Almonds 5200, Coca 5400, Chocolate 5600, Mango 5800, Black pepper (spice) 6000, Cardamom (Spice) 6500, Ginger (Spice) 6750, Tea 7000, Wasabi (spice) 7500, Silk 7800, Indigo (Dye) 8100, Carajurin (dye) 8400, Cochineal (dye) 8700, Opium 9000, Cinnamon (Spice) 9250, Turmeric (Dye/Spice) 9750, Nutmeg (Spice) 10 000

Extra for trade: 4T1, 3T2, 2T3, 1T4, 1T5 (or lower)

Environmental Beauty

Flowers 100, Berries 250, Seaweed 250, Deer 400, Mushrooms 600



Trout Fishing


Industry: Timber wood chipping


Industry: Pizza Delivery


Industry: Beverage Sales

Milkshakes-Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango/Coconut
Odinburghian Maelstrom (Spiced Iced Coffee with Cinnamon Apple Flavoring and Chocolate)
Viking Mama Daiquiri
Odinburghian Coffee
Greater Odin Islands Spiced Coffee (Spiced Coffee with mango and banana flavoring)
Odinburghian Bloodwine

Industry: Cheese Exports

shredded cheddar cheese



Industry: Basket Weaving

Fruit Baskets


Odin's Botanical Gardens (Eco-tourist attraction)

Industry: Book Publishing

Infinite Universe Comics-$5.00 each per issue

Krimeran Slave Princess-Issue #1 Hunters and Children, Issue #2 Serpents Of The Gods, Issue # 3 Butcher Of The World, #4 Heir Of Despair, #5 Demise Of Hell, #6 Spire Of The West, #7 Revenge Of The Gods, #8 Vultures of the Banished, #9 Descendants Of The End, #10 Victory Without A Conscience

Magazines - Repair Today, Garden Illustrated, Nature Week, Wildlife Gazette, Industry Monthly Magazine, Laugh Digest, Cuisine Life

Books-Adventure, Children, Drama,Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Mystery, Nonfiction, Romance, Sci-fi

Newspaper(s)- The Nova Chronicle

Industry: Retail

Odinland Farms Specialty Food Store Product List


Jalapeño Sizzle Steak- $25 per lbs
Sage Smoked Chicken- $14.00 per lbs
Old Fashion Greek lamb chops-$10.00 per lbs
Lamb, Frozen Chops-$10 per Lb
Smokehouse Burgers-$7.00 per lbs
Brown Sugar Whole Ham-$120
Deep Fried Whole Turkey- $250
Elk Sausage- $10.00 per lbs
Pork-$90 per Lb
Ground Beef-$3.70 per Lb
Ground Chuck Beef- $3.80 per Lb
Ground beef, lean and extra-$5.20 per lb
Whole Chickens, Ready-To-Eat -$100 per Lb


Lemongrass Wild Salmon Fillets- $ $30.00 per lbs
Sweet & Smoky Salmon- $22.00 per Lb
Odinburghian Famous Crab Legs- $15.00 per lbs
Ocean Fresh Shrimp- $6.00 per lbs
Ocean Fresh Cod- $3.00 per lbs
Seaside Oysters- $12.00 per lbs
Mussels $3.50 per Lb
Eels $10.00 per Lb
Scallops $13.00 per Lb


Corn- $2 per Lb
Soybeans-$10 per Lb
Wheat-$6 per Lb
Oats- $3 per Bushel
Barley-$2 per Metric Ton
Sorghum-$4 per Metric Ton
Russet Potatoes-$7 per lb

Mixes & Such

100% whole grain pancakes mix-$2.00
Instant bacon 'n chives quick spuds mix- $2.00
Classic raisin cinnamon bread mix- $2.00
Captain Bruno's Italian bread sticks mix- $2.00
Cocoa Beans-$20 per Metric Ton
Odinburghian Coffee Beans-$15 per Lb
Asgard Tea Company (24 tea bags)-$25 per box
Sugar-$20 per Lb


Twinkles - $1.00
Caramellows - $1.00
Wonkies - $1.00
Whippersnappers - $1.00
Snownutters- $1.00

Asgardia Vintage Wine Estates Specialty Wines

Gechen Rosato $110/12-bottle crate
Sugary velvet overtones with a some ass-spankin' tasy white pepper flavor

Chabourg Clairet $210/12-bottle crate
Mixed burnt espresso flavors and a snap-crackle-pop Cran-Apple perfume

Verre Dulce $54/12-bottle crate
Creamy musk elements and a raucous lavender finish

Chiogocati Noir $13/12-bottle crate
Stale strawberry aroma and libido-boosting Home Run Pie undertones

Brunia Cap Classique $96/12-bottle crate
Intertwining bizarre oyster midtones with a old-school crack-cocaine essence

Vunay Liquoroso $65/12-bottle crate
Caramelized pepper midtones and a introverted marigold aroma

Chinote $21/12-bottle crate
Blended bashful mustard midtones with a complex wintergreen aftertaste

Dhiornet Vendemmia $76/12-bottle crate
Citrus essence and fruity macademia nut overtones

Keresco Abboccato $110/12-bottle crate
Toasty lemon flavors and a cryptic garlic perfume

Hibricano Rosso $200/12-bottle crate
Latino whitefish flavors with a zesty cactus flavor

Yonvutium Blanco $20/12-bottle crate
Pickled elements and a mildewed marijuana aroma

Wemchower Mousseux $85/12-bottle crate
Intertwining sleep-inducing squid midtones with a hallucinogenic mango-fandango finish

Oresco Piquant $40/12-bottle crate
Retrograde cheeseburger overtones with a swift chocolate aftertaste

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Optix Infinity Cube Video Games

Alien Legacy: Empire And Command (Action) NS $42,
Alien Legacy: Starchild (Action) NS $59
Alien Legacy: Planet Retaliation (Action/Mobile) NS $0.99 for App

Vampire Evolution: Blood of Anarchy (Action) NS $31
Vampire Evolution 2: Reborn Omen (Action) NS $39
Vampire Evolution 3: Bloodfront Legion (Action) NS $59
Vampire Evolution Online: Battlerite (Online MMORPG) Free-To-Play

Master of Tomorrow: Clockwork Agent (Adventure) NS $59
Master of Tomorrow 2: Shadows of Time (Adventure) NS $59
Master of Tomorrow 3: Codes of Enigmas (Adventure) NS $59
Master of Tomorrow 4: Chronostorm (Adventure) NS $59

The Undead Chronicles: Nightmare Armageddon (RPG) NS $48
The Undead Chronicles: Zombie Holy Hell Crisis (RPG/Mobile) NS $0.99 for App
The Undead Chronicles: Zombie's Assault of Vengeance (RPG) NS $59
The Undead Chronicles Online: Zombie-pocalypse (Online MMORPG) Free-To-Play

Mage Reign: Dungeon Saga (RPG) NS $59
Mage Reign Online: Realms of Oracles (Online MMORPG) Free-To-Play

Nation Empires: Warlords and Crowns (SIM) NS $25
Nation Empires: Chariots and Armies (SIM) NS $39
Nation Empires Online- Masters and Kingdoms (Online MMORPG/SIM) Free-To-Play

Ultimate Platinum Sports: Extreme Bullrider Master Series (Sports) NS $15
Ultimate Platinum Sports: Crossbow Manager (Sports) NS $15
Ultimate Platinum Sports: Fishing Training Manager (Sports) NS $15
Ultimate Platinum Sports: Star (Sports/Mobile) NS $0.99 for App
Ultimate Platinum Sports: (Sports-ConsoleMobile) Con NS $ 15, M NS $0.99 for App
Ultimate Platinum Sports: Horse Race Unleashed (Sports/ Mobile) NS $0.99
Ultimate Platinum Sports: Speed World (Sports-Console, Mobile) Con NS $15, M NS $0.99 for App
Ultimate Platinum Sports: Gold Edition (includes all 7 games in series) Sports Console NS $26, Mobile NS $0.99 for App

Rump Wars: Celebrity Apprentice Edition (Strategy) Console NS $ 59.99, Mobile NS $3.99

For more info: Eclipse Interactive Studios

Music (CDs or Media Player/Media Library Download)-Genre Types:Blues, Country, Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Pop, R&B, Rock, Ska

Movies (DVD, Blu-Ray, Net Download)

Web Series (Streaming): Killing Wasteland, Maidenhorde, Chronic Roommate

Podcasts (Streaming):

1960s Hippy Art, Coffee House-Berry Blend

Public Health-care

painkillers, cancer medicine, MASH Unit, specialty hospital

Industry: Gambling



Monorail & high speed train, water (shipping)

Industry: Information Technology

Goods:(Futuristic Computers)- Optix Ultra-X desktop computer $1,800 (1 billion per bulk), Optix-GLX touch pad $750 (1 billion per bulk), Optix Caelestis laptop $665 (1 billion per bulk), Optix Halo R-9 e-reader tablet $220 (1 billion per bulk), Optix Nova S4 Optixbook $ 390 (1 billion per bulk), Amacroid Android Phone 500 GB $1200 (1 billion per bulk), Sona Android Phone 750 GB $2000 (1 billion per bulk ), Ultron Android Phone 1000 GB $5000 (1 billion per bulk)

(1 billion per bulk) Optix Matrix One VR headset (Optix) $2,500, VICKI virtual assistant unit (Optix) $10,000, Optix Infinity Cube Game Console System $500, Eternia Smart TV 60" $400,Eternia Smart TV 50" $300, Eternia Smart TV 32" $200, Eternia Smart TV 24" $100


Optix Technologies IT

Optix Technologies IT is a information technology company that has revolutionized how we use computers and phones. It has opened up avenues in fields of hologram programming which even has promise in other areas. Our computers uses a holographic interface and a storage system/run time system from the cloud with a anti-virus/malware protection wall with the Optix OS operating system. This will cease use of a tower for computer systems as well as circuitry in laptops and touch pad computers. Currently we have the Optix Ultra-X desktop computer, the Optix-GLX touch pad computer which is a small handheld device that projects the holographic touch screen and to our many computer devices currently available. Optix Technologies IT is leading the way forward to the future for the IT revolution.

OptixTech Distribution Products

Optix Ultra-X desktop computer (1 million units) $1,800,000,000

Optix-GLX touch pad (1 million units) $750,000,000

Optix Caelestis laptop (1 million units) $665,000,000

Optix Nova S4 Optixbook (1 million units) $390,000,000

Optix Halo R-9 E-reader tablet (1 million units) $220,000,000

Amacroid Phone 500 GB (android) (1 million units) $1,200,000,000

Sona Phone 750 GB (android) $2,000 (1 million units) $ 2,000,000,000

Ultron Phone 1000 GB (android) (1 million units) $5,000,000,000

Optix Matrix One VR headset (Optix) (1 million units)$2,500,000,000

VICKI virtual assistant unit (Optix) (1 million units) $10,000,000,000

Optix Infinity Cube Game Console System (1 million units) $500,000,000

Eternia Smart TV 60" (1 million units) $400,000,000

Eternia Smart TV 50" (1 million units) $300,000,000

Eternia Smart TV 32" (1 million units)$200,000,000

Eternia Smart TV 24"(1 million units) $100,000,000

Optix Satellites and launches which we offer the following satellite types:

GPS satellite: $200 million per satellite

Spy satellite: $400 million per satellite

CubeSat satellite: $40,000 per satellite

Military Hardware Chips

For missiles, missile guidance systems, fighter jets, electronic warfare, electronic warfare countermeasures and radar applications: $1.5 million


Optix Technologies IT Company Information

Industry: Information Technology
Company Type: Public
Founded: November 29, 2236
HQ: Balderton, Odinburgh Prime
Owner: Elias Kroon
Number of Employees: 100,000
Products: Personal Computers, Mobile Phones, Smart TVs, VR headsets, Game Console Systems, Servers, HSAN (Holographic Storage Area Network), HNAS (Holographic Network-attached storage), Networking (subspace telecommunications network)
Subsidiaries: Optix Corporation (Semiconductor Manufacturing),
Optix HS (computer/holographic hardware), Optixware (Software)

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Furniture Restoration

Home Furniture Repair and Restoration (wood).
Wood Furniture Repair (wood).
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing (wood).
Antique Furniture Repair & Restoration (wood).
Commercial Furniture Repair and Restoration (wood).
Wood Furniture Refinishing (wood).
Custom Upholstery (T3+ wood)


Inhuman Solutions- Advanced Cloning Facility

-Hearts $1,150,000 (1,000 q)
-Lungs $1,110,000 (1,000 q)
-Kidneys $2,120,00 (1,000 q)
-Eyes $ 1,100,000 (1,000 q)
-Livers $ 1,250,000 (1,000 q)
-Neuronic tissue transplantation cure cells $ 1,310,000 (1,000 q)

Devices: Ocular Lasers $10,000, Elysium X Lifescanner $100,000 , Bio-DNA Printer $50,000

For more information check out Inhuman Solutions page: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=430340&p=33055372#p33055372

Industry: Automobile Manufacturing

Astral Titan Motors Car Catalog

Located in Balderton, Odinburgh

Founded in 2137. Home of Cars of the Future.

Our cars:

Vindicator 350

*Up 334 mph

*Hydro-electric engine

*Capacity: 5 passengers


*Planetary terrain vehicle

Cost: $110,000


Voyageur 80

*Fly and land capability

*Hydro-electric engine

*Capacity: 2 passengers


Cost: $ 65,000


Rune Yestermobile

* Gas Powered Engine

* Capacity: 6 passengers

Cost: $30,000

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Small cheap car (Gasoline Powered)

Industry: Arms Manufacturing

Products for sale and price: Spy plane, turbojet $ 75 million,
T224 Octopus Hover Battle Tank $10 million

Sector: Manufacturing

Products for sale and price: Wind Power Plant (100 kilowatt Capacity) $85,000

Odinburgh Work Program/Other Companies


Visa and Green Card Approved Work Places

Life Tree World Bank

Thunderbolt Studios

Odinburgh Comic-Con International

Inhuman Solutions

International Parcel Express

Viking Roaster Company

Yggdrasil Tropic Spa & Beach Resort

Go Ryders Network Transportation Company

Blue Streak Fuel---Commercial Aviation Fuel Service & Provider

Eclipse Interactive Studios

Black Raven Book Publishing Company

Ericson Voting Machines

Odinburgh Trading Center Exchange
Marketplace where nations can buy resources and goods that come from Odinburgh and from other nations.

Odinburgh Trading Center Exchange

Odinburgh History TV Network

Yggdrasil International Protection Services

Odinburgh University

Great Odin Islands Airport- Jordkir, Odinburgh

Odinburgh International Airport- Thorheim, Odinburgh

Commercial Banking

First Federation Bank Balderton National Association
Import-Export Commerce Bank
Thorheim Bank and Trust Company
War Industries Trust Company International
Bank of Achzoria
Odin's Cross Health Group
Trust Bank of Hoderham

Savings Institutions

Transgalactic Trade Finance
Prime Property of Vidarapal
Odinburgh Federation Savings & Loan Association

Credit Unions

Odinburgh Credit Union
Odinburgh Mint Federation Credit

Credit Card Issuing

Planetstate Bank Altaris
Odinburgh University Small Business Development Center
GalacticWide Pharmaceuticals Inc

Real Estate Credit

Mortgage & Nonmortgage Loan Brokers
Raven Mortgage Corporation


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Industry: Aerospace

Welcome to the Raven Royale Airport Network

Airport Network Information

Nation Name:
Name of Airline:
Name of NS Region:
Name of Airport and city location:
How many planes flying here in service?


Type: Public
Administration: Raven Royale International Airport (RRIA)
Inauguration 1965 | Renovation 2020
Owner: Scott J. O'Houlihan
Frequent Flyer Program: Odinland Air Credits

Coordinates: 33.9941 N, -43.4670 E

Elevation: 6,130 ft

Number of Terminals: 3
Operation Hours: 24 hours/ 7 days weekly

Odinland Air Airline Ticket Prices


$13000 round trip
$10000 one way

Hub: Raven Royale Airport (Thorheim)


$375 round trip
$250 one way

Hub: Raven Royale Airport (Thorheim)


$73 round trip
$60 one way

Hubs: (Raven Royale Airport) Thorheim, (Raven Tor Airport) Khutol, (Seaway Ridge Airport) Puhario, (Mooncoast Airport) Juland, (Fort Stonebend Airport) Zhodan, (St. Olaf Borson Memorial Airport) St. Reynaldo, (Wolfster Mountain Airport) Jerton

Concourse A- Regional North Termininal (for Novus Lucidum Based Airlines)

Gate A1- Ionalands

Gate A2-Scalesburg

Gate A3-Adersfield

Gate A4-Isla De Militarias

Gate A5- Anacodia

Gate A6- OPEN

Gate A7- OPEN

Gate A8- OPEN

Gate A9- OPEN

Concourse B- National Northwest Terminal(for Odinburgh In-Nation Based Airline)

Gate B1- (Raven Tor Airport) Khutol

Gate B2- (Seaway Ridge Airport) Puhario

Gate B3 (Mooncoast Airport) Juland

Gate B4- (Fort Stonebend Airport) Zhodan

Gate B5- (St. Olaf Borson Memorial Airport) St. Reynaldo

Gate B6- (Wolfster Mountain Airport) Jerton

Concourse C- International South Terminal (for Inter-regional Based Airlines)


Read factbook


Company: Vidar Woodlands Home Construction