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by The All Time Favourite Republic of Indusse. . 33 reads.


The WAD elections have approached. This isn't the first time we are having 4 candidates.
Candidates: Neo Kerala,,Indus Valley Civilization and myself Indusse.
So,Dear Friends I think that you will cast your valuable vote for me!!!

Q. Why should you vote for me?

If u look at the past, you can find that I was the WAD of this region for 505 days.This is the second largest tenure of a WAD in India. Nations like Jhalpharezi,Awell Islands,Trivian,Hindu puri came to India in my tenure. I am more experienced than the other candidates.I was also the Admin in the regions of Greater Astoria,Melayu Archipelago and Union of Democrats. I have been the PM,HM,FM,Vice Delegate and sports minister in India.

Q. What will I do?

∆ Our embassies are requesting us to send ambassadors to their regions, at least via embassy postings.That issue will be take care of.

∆ Our sports; The AISC has been revived. Just after I am been elected we will have our 1st competition.

∆ Map; many say that we don't have a regional map or it is not visible. There will be a special Cartographer post and the map will updated and pinned in the WFE.

∆ We will also have a experienced and Active Roleplay Minister.

∆ Puppet flow will be controlled and Multiple Puppets will be send to Indian Mars.

∆ Setting up the National Cabinet Reorganization Forum, where you can complain about the admins.

∆ A regional Newsletter

∆ Master Dispatch and stuff

∆ History of India by Whole India completion

and more.....

Cast your vote for Indusse