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McEntire Holds off Xecrio in Europeian First Minister Election

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(Europeia, June 22, 2020) - The citizens of Europeia elected McEntire to the office of first minister in a runoff election held Saturday, June 20. McEntire defeated Xecrio to claim the 12 Pope Lexus Lane office for the first time in his Europeian political career. Monkey joined McEntire on the ticket as candidate for second minister. Ervald joined Xecrio's ticket as candidate for second minister. In the runoff, the McEntire/Monkey ticket collected 52.3% of the vote.

"This has been the toughest race of my career, and that is a credit to the tenacity, ideas, and energy that Xecrio and Ervald brought to this election," said First Minister McEntire in a post-election speech at his campaign headquarters. " ... I will have much more to say soon, but for now: thank you, Europeia, for giving Monkey and I a chance to lead this region into its next phase."

Upon election as first minister, McEntire nominated the following officials for executive office: Monkey, minister of culture; Astrellan, minister of communications; South Eastern Centralia, minister of interior; Darkslayer, minister of radio.

Monkey joined the freshly-minted first minister in offering a few remarks at the campaign headquarters. "I would like to echo the sentiments of my running mate and offer sincere gratitude to everyone who place their trust in McEntire and I," the second minister said. " ... I would like to offer my thanks to Xecrio and Ervald for being excellent opponents in this race."

The race initially fielded three candidates for first minister. In addition to the McEntire/Monkey and Xecrio/Ervald tickets, Peeps and Forilian originally entered the race as a ticket. However, a series of missteps doomed their campaign and they were forced to withdraw from the race prior to the opening of the polls.


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