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Citizens of Europeia Elect New Senate

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(Europeia, June 24, 2020) - Europeia held its Senate election on Friday, June 19. Ten candidates campaigned for a total of seven seats. The current Senate is the 74th in Europiea's rich political history.

Six senators won election directly, with three candidates finishing the election in a tie for the seventh seat. An immediate runoff election was held, where Forilian, Lime, and Peeps faced off for the final seat on June 20. At the conclusion of the runoff election, Lime emerged victorious by a single vote and claimed his seat in the legislative chamber.

The following candidates were elected to the Senate: Calvin Coolidge, Darkslayer, GraVandius, Lime, Mr. Verteger, Pichtonia, and Prim. The remaining candidates that ran for the Senate were Forilian, Peeps, and Southeast Centralia.

Upon taking office, the Senate elected GraVandius as speaker. This is Senator GraVandius' third term as speaker. "I am very honored to have been trusted, for the third time, with the prestige of this office," the new speaker said in an address to open the Senate for the term.

The next election in Europeia will see the region return to a presidential system, with the election of a president and vice president after more than a year with a split executive branch structure.


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