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by The Z Day Survivor of Karmagedon. . 5 reads.

Leader's Journal: Mad Maxtopia

It was brought to my attention that out in the boonies, roving gangs are attacking vehicles, but this is Karmagedon and we do things a little differently here...

For years people have been whipping around the roads in fast cars and some people wanted them slowed down. The Minster of Transport had a somewhat novel idea to not only achieve that, but boost flagging arms sales. Karmagedon cars are built like armoured vehicles, due over zealous safety regulation, right? So let's skip the middle man and just simplify production. More sold, means cheaper arms for us as well!

So, yeah. Karmagedon is hardcore, and my other car is a fully armed and operational battle tank. If you invade, you will find paradise has never been so well armed!


Though I do not think that HE shells are how supposed you hunt for gophers... Oh well, you can't win them all. It saves me digging a hole for a fish pond. :)

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Being as armoured vehicles are sold to the public, there has been some concern about commuter road rage. But the odd thing is that it is the people in flimsy bomb proof cars, that are tangling with the tanks, in the latest issue.

The government has been informed that it is to stay out of local affairs while congestion takes care of itself. It's a common sight to see angry commuters with grenade launchers mounted on their car, but it is inadvisable to launch grenades at the mainline battle tank in front, as the latest 10 foot wide burning crater pothole will attest to.

While the government is now forced to issue rubber safety shells for angry commuters to launch at each other, it is happy to say that the road repair, scrap metal recycling and traffic reduction strategy, is well under way, one burning crater pothole at a time!

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So when the Minster of Novel Solutions suggested relaxing the laws on 'rubber safely shells' when outside of built up areas, well, it seems to have become a sport of sorts... Mad Max Fury Road with a score board. ON the bright side raids are down and so is unemployment as these roads get regular maintenance. Pot holes big enough to lose a bus in do need to be filled now and then, after all.

You could complain about the need to keep repairing them, or do what we do and start looking into ammunition research to mitigate the damage. The Ministry of Novel Solutions states that tax and innovation is the key, but I am but a humble servant of the people and they do like a good dust up. :)