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Political Parties

Communist Party
Leader: Stojan Cnoan-ha
Philosophy: communism
Color: red
Shrinking but still influential far-left party of Paffnia. Junior partner in the current coalition.

Progressive-Labor Party
Leader: Aleksandar Vekili
Philosophy: leftist social democracy
Color: orange
Merger of two smaller parties after democratization--one of the social democratic movement, one of the labor movement. Has grown to be the largest party in Paffnia and currently leads the government coalition.

Reform Party
Leader: Todor Blahata
Philosophy: "Third Way"
Color: dark green
A recent splinter party from the PLP dominated by their charismatic leader. Advocates a more centrist, "Third Way" governing philosophy.

Balance Party
Leader: Nikolina Kliptigov
Philosophy: center-left social liberalism
Color: yellow
Paffnia's increasingly powerful centrist party. Rejected an offer to join the current governing coalition.

Values Party
Leader: Grigor Byw
Philosophy: center-right social conservatism
Color: blue
Paffnia's right-of-center party and the official opposition in the National Chamber.

Vardinyan National Party
Leader: Vera Cenapatnic
Philosophy: right-wing regionalist separatism
Color: purple
Advocates for Vardinyan independence, though the involvement of some of the party's members in the old regime have limited its popularity, even in Vardinya itself. However, new leader Vera Cenapatnic has worked to rebrand the party.

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