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SECTION I | Answer in your own words :
• What does "OOC" and "IC" mean, what are the differences ? OOC is out of character, while IC is in character. An in character statement is one made by the person someone is roleplaying as. Eg. “I marched into parliament and readied my speech.”
• How can a player such as yourself, prevent Meta-Gaming ? Interaction with my peers, prior experience, and knowledge of real politics. Intense political drama will be the focus of my nation, rather than geopolitical strikes.
• How can a player such as yourself, prevent Power-Gaming ? Generally, as a mid tier nation, I cannot influence the majors in a direct way, and I prefer to work on internal politics anyway.
Refer to the rules and FAQ for help with Section I
SECTION II | Fill out the information of your claim.
Name of your nation: Kingdom of Spain (Habsburg Spain)
Location of your nation on the map: Modern Spain
Capital City: Madrid
Demographics of your nation:
Population of your nation: 47,431,256
Economics: 1.419 trillion USD (2018), 30,370.89 USD (2018)
Leader of your nation: Karl Von Habsburg (Monarch) Norberto Pedro Pico Sanabria (As Prime Minister/Generalissimo)
Government type of your nation: Constitutional Monarchy, though virtually all the power is with the Prime Minister, who functions in a Francoist regime. Though Otto Von Habsburg is dead, his son may try to assert himself more, as a widely popular monarch in the Spanish countryside.
Brief history of your nation: After the victory against the Republicans in the Spanish civil war, Franco ruled over the nationalist clique. The question of the Royal Succession came up several times, he could not upset both wings of the monarchist forces, either supporting the Carlist line of the Bourbon family, or the restoration of the former family. Favouring one side over another would alienate the other, and fearing a repeat of the Carlist wars, Franco took a third option. Inviting the Habsburg heir, Otto Von Habsburg to claim the throne of Spain, to emulate the Spanish glory days. He accepted, persuaded by Franco’s strong Catholic arguments, and the two organised the former’s coronation in 1962. Franco maintained true political power as Regent and Generalissimo of Spain, while Otto learned about Spanish traditions and the civil war, a powerful figurehead. There was significant political discontent over this decision, the diehard Carlists and Alfonists protested, and faced severe persecution throughout the 60s. This went hand in hand with a resistance to overt western influence, limiting westernation and preserving Spanish culture. The Spanish miracle occurred as historically, with a gradual removal of autarkic politicians in favour of capitalist ones, and less state repression allowing for great economic growth. With Franco’s death, he passed the torch to several men of the ‘Bunker’ political faction that opposed reform. Otto endorsed these men’s ascension, forcing their arrangement to continue indefinitely, and politicising the monarchy eternally.
Previous Roleplay Experience : [Please Designate the following - Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, Very Experienced] Very experienced, I usually do Chinese based nations, and generally focus on political drama and intrigue.
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