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Meta Mondays: Early Meta Mondays


Why does the Meta Mondays is publishing early?, well, usually, Meta Mondays posts in Monday later but in Monday, July 13, 2020, Meta Mondays will publish early because of the dentist, after the dentist, I will be fully recovered from the surgery, so, Here's the facts, the facts are Eraver is founded in 1453 after the war of Independence in Eraver, a.k.a the Eraverian war of Independence, is the war period when the forces of Eraver is fighting against Diomia because Diomia was described as a enemy nation, Diomia is the nation that colonized Eraver, and Diomians are happy while Eraverians are angry because of the situation, the situation gotten worse during the War of Independence, and eventually after that, the situtation has never gotten better because of that pre-situtation is worse than today, the situation is good and healthy, it's the special episode of Meta Mondays because of the Dentist appointment, so, see you on next Meta Mondays when we're returning to the regular schedule programming.