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Intro advice for le n00bies

Hola youngins. Welcome to NS and TEP

Here are your first steps...

Join the WA: page=un

Endorse Libertanny our delegate and leader

Endorse the Viziers and Regional Officers by clicking here

Gain more rights to troll without being kicced out by cliccing Linkhere

Endorse me if u feel like it

Look at the play maps we have:

TEP Forum RP
LinkImportant Information for TEP Forums

Regional Message Board (RMB) RP
Rules for RMB RP, please read this.

Historic/Retired Roleplay Maps
Just because no one is currently active on them doesn't mean they aren't a part of TEP's culture! Some of them may be revived, and they serve as an exhibit of what once was.

The original dispatch was deleted by its owner, Plazland.

An older version of the ongoing Valsora map.

Alternate History Maps
Created by a single player, these maps are examples of other forms of storytelling in TEP.

Original Dispatch Credit: Stellar
Edited by: Evrigenis

Read dispatch

Here's a general guide to the nature of each map, and what you'll experience if u join:

Urth roleplay works very slowly. It's on the TEP forums, which is a separate site and takes a while to understand

Valsora is an old and stable RP map. If you want to be sure to have a long game life for your nation, this is your choice. It also has the most war of all the maps, and a lot of options for diplomacy and exploration

Windsor is somewhat like a text version of Civilization 5. Economics, diplomacy and politics is more in depth than Valsora, and war isn't as frequent. Currently it's sort of dead, so make sure there is activity on Windsor before joining by messaging Volinovia or [nation]Technocratic Tagalog.[/nation]

Courisia is an older version of Windsor. Unfortunately, it's close to dead right now

Outside joining an RP map, the most common game action is to answer the issues that pop up. Depending on your answers, your nation's stats change and the kind of fictional country you want to build is modified

Note that NS issues are not that serious. You can answer an issue seriously and get ridiculous results. Just take it as a joke, chuckle and continue answering : ) Try to be #1 at different things and show off like Virgolia or try to be as turrible as possible and make jokes about it on RMB like the awful Wiranath

Things you can do with roleplay and world creation do are:

1. create imaginative worlds (history, religion, technology, civilizations, etc) for your fictional nation and states, cities and people
2. create graphics national or region flags, emblems, countryballs, anthems, poetry, comics or art that's related to your imagined nations
3. create short stories, longer stories or even novels alone or with others on RMB
4. create your own map and invite others to join

And then, my special brand of RMB funz...

5. make jokes and troll people (my job! MINE!)
6. worship the Lord of the Blessed Corn and be forever enriched with popcorn
7. Bother other n00bies with this dispatch when they first say 'im new here how do I play]

Here are the 5 cardinal rules of RmB:

1. Don't triple post (posting 3 times in a row). Double posting is okay, but not recommended. After you make a post, do check the RMB (the place where you're reading this) and wait for someone else to post. Then make your next post

2a. No advertisements for regions. This region is TEP, and we use the [region][/region] tag like The East Pacific. To be on the safe side, don't link to any regions.

2b. No advertising for sites. You can post imgur images or Youtube links and so on, but don't go 'Oh, this site is awesome! You have to join' and then link us to your uncle's fairly-illegal questionably-human-rights-violating sweatshop

3. Don't directly insult people or seriously troll to truly hurt or offend people. Trolling should be done in a fun, joking manner (if you want to know more, sign up for my Trolling 101 class on Udemy)

4. Don't spam with meaningless posts. Example include but are not exclusive to:
a. Foreign languages without translation
b. A bunch of emojis
c. A bunch of ASCII art or Lennies (sniff)
d. Single or double meaningless words
e. Any kind of copypasta
f. Dots or 'bump'

5. Don't make sexual references of any kind. You will find some very slight pg-13ish material here and there, but please watch the RMB for a week before figuring out where the line is.

If you follow these simple rules, you'll have lots of time to learn rest as u go. Have fun!

For more pedantic information, click here:

Welcome to the East Pacific!
... or as we call it, the Best Pacific!

Whether you are coming from another region, or you've just joined Nation States, we have some tips for you:

1. Join World Assembly to help us build influence of our beloved Region.

2. After you are there, endorse our WA Delegate Libertanny, Viziers and Regional Officers.

3. If you wish to gain citizen rights, apply for your own LinkTEP Citizenship.

4. Afer you're accepted, you may wish to join our LinkRegional Government.

5. If you want to stay in touch with us, join our LinkRegional Discord!

6. If you have some time, you may wish to join one (or even two or three) of our Roleplay Maps!

7. Upvote this factbook (all pages, please :-) ).

8. Stay in touch with Eastern Pacific News Service!

Original Dispatch Credit: Libertanny

Read dispatch