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Quaker Party

What is the Quaker Party?

• The Quaker Party is one that holds that each person holds something to them that makes them unique and worthy. We will be a party of compromise and discussion to ensure the sustainability of our region.

What are the goals of the Quaker Party

• Create and sustain a united vibrant community, on and off the RMB

• Ensure that our region is one of many views and visions, rather than simply the views and visions of the ruling party

How does the Quaker Party wish to accomplish its goals?

• Continuous discussion with individuals in all positions in the region: government and non-government alike

• Utilization of polls to see if certain actions would be popular or wanted

• Utilization of Google Forms to collect and organize the thoughts of the region’s members on more complex issues/questions

Is the Quaker Party religiously affiliated?

• No. While New Wilhelmsland himself is a Quaker, this party is simply inspired by Quaker ideology and you do not have to be a Quaker to join.

Party Elders

• New Wilhelmsland

• Civilisunio

Party Members

• New Wilhelmsland

• Civilisunio