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See ya later - August 6, 2020

Things are tiring, to say the least. NS is just a game, but maybe I poured too much of my heart and soul into this game. Therefore, as of August 6, 2020, I am taking a sabbatical at minimum until August 13th. It might be longer, but I joined the game eight years ago. I took a brief break last year as a breather. I am in need of that breather again. I am leaving some instructions for you guys in my absence.

I will step aside as MP, until my sabbatical is up. I will let you know at due haste when it is. Please find an effective MP and Regional Historian in the same way, Trisk requested for his position as Chief Justice, only interim until I come back. I really don't know when that is but I'm exhausted and it must be nice to step away from this part of the game. I will return.