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This is not my Goodbye, but will miss you

Hello there,

You may be confused of what the title is trying to say. Don't worry, let me explain. So, I'm not leaving NationStates. But, I'll miss the RMB community. Why's that? Well, I'm about to leave. "Leave? But you said that you're not leaving!" Well yes, but I'm leaving for something. Something in RL that I haven't made an announcement until now.

Here it goes.... I, Foxotania, am leaving to the U.S. Army National Guard Basic Training this Tuesday, September 15.

Yep, this is.... not what you like to hear. But I have to tell you this before I leave. I'll won't be able to Role-play nor answer issue while at training.

"But Foxotania, your nation... is going to be CTEd.

I'm aware of that. I'll return in November so if my Nation did CTE'd, I'm still going to be here. Foxotania will not be gone in my watch.

I'll miss you my fellow nation. I'll return sometime in November.