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Hazelwood hits back: "I am President!"

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"All the gos' - and fast!"

14th September, 2020.
Published from Confedereichstag II, 1 Emperor Avenue, 3926, Vocryae, Jocospor

Hazelwood hits back: "I am President!"

VOCRYAE: Sir Andrew Hazelwood II HCS of Golden Impirial Utopia, President of the Imperial Senate, has publicly reassured the Confederation that he reigns unchallenged as the highest authority in the Royalist Authoritarian Party, and the Senate itself.

The declaration follows yesterday's surprise revelation by the Office of the Vice-President, which issued a memorandum that seemed to suggest Dame Anastasia Clarke HCS of HMS NHS was making a play for more power.

"I have absolute confidence in my ability to lead the Royalist Authoritarian Party," said President Hazelwood.

The President further elaborated upon the safety of his position.

"The changes made to the RAP's command structure make it hard to overthrow the Chancellor."

"Dame Anastasia is not Vice-Chancellor of the RAP."

Some have interpreted the President's blatant rebuttal as an attack on Vice-President Clarke. Many are wondering exactly what relationship exists between the two leaders.

In an effort to further solidify his authority, President Hazelwood has moved IS#15 to the floor. The motion seeks to implement the Confederation Defence Force Act 2020, which requires the repeal of the Air Force Reform Act 2019 and the Navy Reform Act 2019.

However, analysts are calling IS#15's validity into question. The Imperial Senate Act 2020 states that only one motion can be conducted by the Senate at any given time (II.iv). IS#15 is seemingly an amalgamation of three separate motions.

The Lord Overseer, Sir Victor Watson HCS of West Heisen, assures CSB that he is investigating the matter.

"The Ministry of the Senate has not reached a definitive conclusion regarding this circumstance," Lord Watson explained.

"Only one motion is being physically conducted. On the other hand, this grouping could set a precedent which might inspire malicious manipulation from opportunistic factions. I note that no effort was made by RAP authorities to clarify this technicality with my offices, and I can't help but wonder why."

"Nonetheless, I am glad to see legislation under debate. The Ministry's resources are devoted to this matter and a speedy resolution is anticipated."

20 hours into voting, IS#15 has currently achieved a 72.22% majority.

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