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In the GA, "Repeal "Ban On Sterilisation Of Minors Etc"" is up for the vote, and it is ranked SAFE FOR.
In the SC, "Condemn Raionitu" is up for the vote, and it is ranked LEANS FOR.

Hello everyone! In the past 15 days, we saw changes in the delelgacy in many notable regions. Monarche became the delegate of First World Order, and The East Pacific is Linkhaving elections. We have Incumbent Libertanny against 7 other candidates, and it seems Libertanny will be reelected. If you have news about elections in your region, or any news (besides roleplay) for that matter, please notify me.

On the forum there were a lot of server errors it seems, and people were not able to access the forums, then able to access it, then not. Onto NoN', Telekinesis, owned by The Labyrinth, just saw a massive explosion of nations! Same is true with the TBH-associated region of Annalene (Can't tell if owned by TBH or Miss Bad Life Choices's puppets.)

IN R/D NEWS, Der Trollpakt was raided by a massive combined force the WFE. The Order of the Grey Wardens liberated Beautiful Islands and is in the process of liberating Sekeila. It seems raiding activity is down since everyone's just in Der trollpakt.

In terms of other news, TNP's Vice-delegate weekly update has been released, and Republic of Conservative Nations has given out freedom medals for soldiers' service in N-day. In the SC, there is a really close vote now, any undecided delegate with a couple of endos can flip the vote to against. "Against" has been in the lead, but in the past few hours it has swung to FOR and as time goes on it seems to be going back and forth and instead of a "Tilt" rating a Toss-Up would be better. The featured region today is Forum Admin Reploid Productions's region Space Sector RPRA! Congratulations! The only problem here is that less than three days ago, region Greater Dienstad, 'owned' also by a mod (Game Mod Lamoni) was featured. Is there something going on?


Creator's note: Some of the following is real, some is joke.

The Radiation from N-day did Something.......

By La xinga

On September 27, the day after N-day, when patients were being treated for radiation, some patients were so hopeless that they were left to rot in the ground and die. NS scientists can confirm that was a horrible mistake.

See, almost every faction used Nuclear Bombs which contained Moscovium, in order to hasten the killing of the human. Now scientists say that these people left to rot in the ground will rise up in 15-20 days. Once risen from the ground, they will infect other people and eat their brains, then they die.

Quadrillions+ people were buried in the ground with radiation from the bombs. Will this turn into a massive Z-day? We don't know. But scientists say that at this point it's too late! The only solution now is to start researching a cure, or wait till the zombies come and try to gun em' down. Then there are those who pledged to embrace the zombie horde. The last method is guaranteed 100% the best way to kill your citizens. If your nation has capital punishment's, you no longer need to higher executioners.

Then again, innocent people will die. It's honestly up to you to decide what to do with this "inevitable" threat to NS's people.

What will you do to combat this threat?

If you found a mistake, inaccuracy, or error, tg La xinga immediately!