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Layem Times Issue 22

[box][size=180]Saturday, October 17th, 2020-[region]Confederacy of Layem[/region]-Thanks to our Editor-in-Chief [nation]Baaas[/nation], our Correspondents: [nation]The grand sultanate of Krm[/nation], [nation]Nexus Sierra[/nation], and our Columnists: [nation]SomethingIsWrongHere[/nation] and [nation]Benderk[/nation][/size][/box]

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[align=center][size=300][font=cambria][i]Special Report: MoIA Elvato Leaving Layem[/i][/font][/size][/align]


[box][background-block=darkgreen][b][size=140][colour=white]Column: MoIA Elvato Leaves After Widespread Accusations of Spying[/colour][/size][/b][/background-block]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Columnist [nation]SomethingIsWrongHere[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

Elvato has been declared a traitor to the CoL. After the rush of the September elections, Elvato was declared MoIA. Problem: Elvato might’ve been spying for Masconvia. Some say that they called it, I say “How the… I trusted you!” and “Wait…”. I for one… am writing for a newspaper so I by pure journalistic means am unbiased (Except for the fact that I am the columnist). So, what the frig just happened?

Well, I was just minding my own business. Doing schoolwork, while two tabs (NS and Discord) were open. I get a ping from the official Layem Discord, and obviously do the right thing and get angry at the person who pinged @everyone… but when I actually took time to look at why whoever pinged me (by the way, it was Mauricil), pinged me, the image to the right appeared (this is just a cropped part of the entire image).
[float=right][img][/img][/float] Well… that was weird. Everyone goes into shock and people were surprised and on the highest alert an NS player can be, but then, the weirdest thing happened… Elvato left the discord server on his own terms. What? He eventually left the CoL altogether for the CAD (Citizens alliance of Democracy), then came back only to get demoted from the MoIA. He then leaves AGAIN for the Pacific, and then after a while creates a new region ([region]The Nation of Domination[/region]) with his puppet ([nation]Bananvania[/nation]) and asks me to join after “abandoning” his old puppet region ([region]Elvatos Bus Stop[/region]). I am currently managing that region alongside Elvato and KRM (Through the alt nation [nation]Rusas[/nation]). My main ([nation]SomethingIsWrongHere[/nation]) is still living and prospering in the CoL, and I am on both sides.

As for the CAD? I don’t know what's going on… I’ll just wait and see. A D! HAHA GOT YOU WITH THE NS PUNS!

Ok... Apart from the jokes, see you next week![/box]

[box][background-block=darkgreen][b][size=140][colour=white]Op-Ed: Regarding the Elvato Situation...[/colour][/size][/b][/background-block]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Anonymous[/i][/font][/size]

Regarding the recent Elvato problem that has happened, many believe randy because of the loyalty of high officials in layem. But I have evidence that Elvato wasn't a spy.

Anonymous source - Did Elvato really spy for layem.

[nation]Masconvia[/nation] - No

[nation]Masconvia[/nation] - but Elvato wasn't acting on my orders, he legit just said Randy was posting screenshots of my server in Layem, and then I asked him a few more times if there were any more. 

Here is some evidence of Russberlin talking to Elvato 

[nation]Russberlin[/nation] - But tell me:
what did you tell Masconvia

[nation]Elvato[/nation] - yes?
I didn’t tell anything but I for one thing know that because I’m associated with Masconvia it will give me a bad name

[nation]Russberlin[/nation] - Wait you told him nothing that's important
Just talked to him

[nation]Elvato[/nation] - I know that I didn’t say anything to Masconvia but the fact that my name has been mentioned by Masconvia will get me attacked [Editor's Note: changed wording because previous wording could be deemed as inappropriate.][/box]


[align=center][size=300][font=cambria][i]Sports and Games[/i][/font][/size][/align]


[box][background-block=darkgreen][b][size=140][colour=white]RP Update[/colour][/size][/b][/background-block]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by RP Correspondent [nation]The grand sultanate of Krm[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

The United Fruit And Grains Company had tried to coup Communist Cuba, with French support, which ended in failure.

[b]The United Kingdom Of The Levant:[/b]
The Egyptians had begun to raid UKL's cities, killing hundreds, which caused the UKL to cause battles with Egypt with support from the UK.

[b]The United Kingdom:[/b]
The French had planted officials in British Africa hoping to colonize the British colonies by getting them in government positions, the Brits had demanded the officials to leave the colonies or be forced to. The French have yet to respond.

[b]Indian Commune:[/b]
The Indian commune had bought Burma and Sri Lanka in exchange for 18 billion$ and the Japanese islands soon after they declared the Maruya commune.

[b]The Chinese:[/b]
Soon After The UFGC was given land in china to plant bananas the population had grown restless, which led to the population overthrowing the Chinese government, replacing it with a Communist government.[/box]

[background-block=darkgreen][b][size=140][colour=white]LAFL Week 5 Results[/colour][/size][/b][/background-block]

[size=180][font=cambria][i]by Junior Sports Broadcaster [nation]Benderk[/nation][/i][/font][/size]

Phillippe City Cannucks 36-25 Infernoes
Elvato Kabruha Eagles 12-28 Galloway Mustangs
Pizza Hut Fboys 7-13 Nexusopolis Corinthians

Standings are as follows:

In Layem East Division
1. Galloway Mustangs 4-0
2. Nexusopolis Corinthians 2-1
3. Heurfuk City Ducks 1-2

In the Layem West Division
1. Phillippe City Canucks 2-1
2. Mirantibus Eagles 2-1-1
3. Infernoes 2-1-1

In the Archipelago Division
1. Kabruha Snakes 1-4
2. Fboys 0-4[/box]


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