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Statement on the Black Hawks' Violation of Sovereignty



11 NOVEMBER 2020

Fellow South Pacificans and friends abroad,

This week, our Office of WA Legislation (OWL) noticed suspicious activity in its surveys on Security Council resolutions. In an effort to increase to participation and representation in the World Assembly, OWL holds regular RMB-based debates on World Assembly resolutions. The outcome of these debates strongly influences our Delegate’s vote on the resolutions.

Our allies in 10000 Islands also alerted the Cabinet and the Council on Regional Security on this suspicious activity and provided more information. We have strong evidence that members of The Black Hawks attempted to manipulate the outcome of Security Council votes related to their interests.

  • The nation “Rebbid” belongs to known player Martyn, who is a corporal in The Black Hawks, and was founded merely 2 days before immediately joining the World Assembly and casting a vote, without explanation, in favor of “Commend Twobagger.”

  • The nation “GlowGolden” was founded at the same time and also immediately joined the World Assembly and cast a vote, without explanation, in favor of “Commend Twobagger.” We believe this nation may belong to Steak Paul, a known member of The Black Hawks, due to Steak Paul resigning from the World Assembly a mere 30 seconds before GlowGolden was admitted.

  • Both Rebbid and GlowGolden nations had moved into newly-founded passworded regions before moving into The South Pacific. We believe this may have been part of an alternate plan to pad “Commend Twobagger” with approvals by creating small single-purposes Delegates, in case it could not reach the voting queue organically.

  • A similar pattern was spotted with the nation “Seltin.” This nation is older, founded in September 2020 but only days ago rejoined the World Assembly. Their only activity in The South Pacific has been to vote in OWL and their votes track with the interests of The Black Hawks. They voted in favor of “Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls”, which was widely considered to be a thinly-veiled congratulation for the well-known raider. They also voted in favor of “Commend Twobagger.”

The Cabinet of The South Pacific considers this a grave and gross violation of our regional sovereignty by The Black Hawks. We endeavor to create an open community and foster a representative government, and the OWL program has been a great vehicle to introduce the community to the World Assembly. To abuse and attempt to manipulate the outcome of these votes to serve a foreign enemy’s interest is an attack on the integrity of our democracy. The Cabinet retains the authority to override an OWL vote, exactly to prevent something like this from succeeding. We shall do so when necessary. Let it be known to all enemies of the Coalition, and those who would think we can be so easily manipulated, that The South Pacific and our allies are watching.

The Cabinet also takes this opportunity to address the Security Council resolution that has inspired The Black Hawks to again attempt to violate our sovereignty. “Commend Twobagger” is a product of the worst habits of the Security Council and the Gameplay community in general. Let’s be clear: Twobagger betrayed 10000 Islands and joined their enemies in The Black Hawks. Regardless of the motive or anybody’s opinion on that, they are not an active defender and 10000 Islands does not approve of being used in such a manipulative way to commend them. The commendation purposefully misleads the rest of the game into thinking that Twobagger is a current wonderous defender, when in all actuality they are a turncoat raider.

“Commend Twobagger” represents the epitome of bad faith, pettiness, dishonesty, and disrespect that we have sadly come to expect from The Black Hawks. This kind of abuse of the Security Council debases the institution. When a resolution can be pushed through using such dishonest and despicable bad faith, it devalues the whole purpose of Commendations and the Security Council itself. Too many regions underestimate the damage these stunts do. The Black Hawks, and those who aid and abet their remorseless bad faith, are sowing a momentary and fleeting feeling of joy in sticking it to defenders. But we will all reap the disillusionment and discontent that comes when we throw the principles of honestly, good faith, and honorable conduct out of the window.

The South Pacific has voted against this commendation, and we encourage all regions, and all of our allies and partners to join us in doing so. It’s time to stand up for what’s right and foster a game that no longer promotes and rewards manipulation, bad faith, and trolling.

Faithfully yours,
The Cabinet