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10KI Update - December 2020

[b]10000 Islands Emissary Report[/b][/center]
Date: November 2020
Population: 1,344
Delegate Endorsement: 438
Forum: [url=] [/url]
Discord: [url=] [/url]

[center][b]TITO Command[/b][/center]
Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Chief Executive: [nation]Markanite[/nation]
~Field Commander: [nation]Kanta Hame[/nation]
~Tactical Officers: [nation]Shy Guyia[/nation], [nation]Smugglers and Mercs[/nation] (TITO EF), [nation]Controlitia[/nation], [nation]Grea Kriopia[/nation], [nation]Kuriko[/nation], [nation]Wischland[/nation]
~Executive Officers: [nation]Hakketomat[/nation], [nation]Aschente[/nation]

As of this report's publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~Chief Executive: [nation]Markanite[/nation] 
~WA Delegate: [nation]HumanSanity[/nation] 
~Senior Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): [nation]Controlitia[/nation] 
~Senator for Himes West (RP): [nation]Wille-Harlia[/nation] 
~Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): [nation]Wischland[/nation]
~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): [nation]Aschente[/nation]
~Minister of Education: [nation]Grea Kriopia[/nation] 
~Minister of Labor: [nation]Free Las Pinas[/nation]
~Minister of Immigration: [nation]Thedairos[/nation]

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found [url=]here[/url].
[center][b]New Government Appointments[/b][/center]
~Minister of Education [nation]Grea Kriopia[/nation] hired [nation]Dokansia[/nation] to serve as Deputy Minister of Education and assist in organizing and updating The Great Library of 10000 Islands and coordinating the mentorship of new Islanders.
~GK also hired [nation]Murphtannia[/nation] as XKIís latest Welcome Buddy to help greet new Islanders and get them adjusted to life in the region.
~Secretary of State [nation]Margaux[/nation] hired [nation]Sulenia[/nation] to serve as the new emissary to [region]Europe[/region], [nation]Megistos[/nation] as emissary to [region]Canada[/region], [nation]Dokansia[/nation] as emissary to [region]Thaecia[/region], and [nation]Astrobolt[/nation] as emissary to the [region]International Democratic Union[/region].

[center][b]Around the Islands[/b][/center]
~Decemberís [url=]Featured Nation[/url] is [nation]Megistos[/nation], who, besides being a frequent roleplayer, has also joined the Card Co-op and been appointed as emissary to Canada. Congrats Megistos, weíre excited to see where the future takes you!
~Islanders took a trip to the [region]Wintreath[/region] forum to play a very intense game of Lord of the Rings-themed [url=]Werewolf[/url]. Members from both regions worked hard to hunt down Sauronís forces (the wolves) and translate between the playing styles of each region. In the end, the Fellowship (the town), after plenty of arguments and a few false lynches, managed to deduce the wolvesí identities and secure victory. XKI looks forward to hosting Wintreath for another game of WW next month!
~The holiday season brought plenty of festivities to XKI, with the Cultural Office planning a [url=]variety of events[/url] throughout the month. Islanders traded presents in a [url=]Secret Santa Exchange[/url], anonymously gifting music playlists, drawings, and pictures of cute Christmas animals. The Cultural Office also hosted two Game Sundays, with round of Among Us,, and Uno. [nation]Thedairos[/nation] invited Islanders to participate in a XKI Kahoot, offering several valuable cards to those with the most knowledge about 10000 Islands. With plenty of fun festivities, XKI spent a delightful holiday season together.
~Chief Executive [nation]Markanite[/nation] also got Islanders into the gift-giving mood by setting up the [url=]Rudolphís Presents[/url] function on the forum. Islanders were able to collect gift tokens by posting of the forum, then send other nationís all sorts of delightful gifts, picking from a wide range of animal, food, and other emojis. On Christmas Day, receiving Islanders could open up their gifts and enjoy the appreciation (and humor) shown by their friends.
~As the year approached itís end, Islanders realized they were still miles away from success in the forums [url=]Count to 2021 before 2021[/url] thread. Islanders old and new stepped up to the task and spammed like never before to reach the 2021 goal before the end of the year. On December 31st, Islanders pushed for the finish line with over 200 posts, with [nation]Echolilia[/nation] bringing XKI home with the final 2021 post!

[center][b]Islander Achievements[/b][/center]
~[nation]Dokansia[/nation] took his first foray into issue authorship with his draft [url=]Baptism of Liars[/url], about the fallout of religious scams. Dok isnít the only aspiring issue author though, as [nation]Wille-Harlia[/nation] is also hard at work with his draft [url=]Congressional Non-Concession[/url]. Best of luck to the both of them in getting their issues published, and in their future issue writing endeavors!
~Several of the regionís newer members proved themselves to be promising issue players by gathering up their first few top 1% stats. [nation]Belize and Honduras[/nation] achieved their [url=]first 1% badge[/url] early in the month, with the second one not far behind. Meanwhile [nation]Porymonia[/nation] managed to achieve their [url=]third 1% badge[/url] Although they still have a long way to go before they reach the level of NSís top issue players, these Islanderís dedication to their stats is already proving to be impressive. Their stat rankings are sure to improve as they continue to play.
~One of XKIís longest members and a top issue player [nation]The Soylent Green Party[/nation] reached an [url=]impressive population milestone[/url] in December. Reaching a population of 20 billion, The Soylent Green Party shows their impressive long-term dedication to the game. Such a high population count is the result of years of work. We cannot thank them enough for choosing XKI as their home.

[center][b]XKI Game-Side[/b][/center]
A [url=]regional poll[/url] by [nation]Jabberwocky[/nation] asked Islanders which RL national figure had the best hair. Islanders showed their appreciation for Justin Trudeeauís swoopy brown locks by a wide majority of votes.

The RMB was in an understandably festive mood for the holiday season:

~[url=]Liminal Spaces[/url]
~[url=]Very logical stats[/url]
~[url=]The very essence of the RMB[/url]
~[url=]A little endo love[/url]
~[url=]Not on the regional poll to be sure[/url]
~[url=]A true Christmas fan[/url]
~[url=]Step 1: Imprisonment, Step 2: Shut Down, Step 3: Profit[/url]
~[url=]Itís not a region, itís a lifestyle[/url]
~[url=]Viva la Revoluciůn![/url]

[center][b]Meet A Nation Interview[/b][/center]
[nation]Grea Kriopia[/nation] is an important member of XKI, having served as Senator for Blue Canaria North and Cultural Officer, and now finding her place as Minister of Education and a TITO Tactical Officer. We managed to track GK down between updates to ask a few interview question.

[b]Wischland:[/b] With the year approaching its end, letís take a look back. Whatís been your favorite aspect or memory of this past year in XKI?

[b]Grea Kriopia:[/b] Oh goodness, I've only been around since January so this past year has been everything for me. If we're going with favorite memories, I would say hosting the XKI Summer Olympics and then growing into my past work as Cultural Officer. I really enjoyed reviving more casual events like our weekly Movie Nights and spending time with our community. My favorite aspect has undoubtedly been the variety of work I've taken on over the last yearĖevery day is something new and different.

[b]Wisch:[/b] You sure have taken on a variety of work! With two different Council of Nine positions, Cultural Officer, and TITO Command under your belt, your rise in the region has been meteoric. What would you say contributed to your success in achieving such important roles so quickly?

[b]GK:[/b] Is too much time on my hands a valid answer? In all seriousness, I can't say there's one specific reason for everything I've achieved up until now. I simply try to make myself as helpful as possible, do solid work, and not settle for anything less. I genuinely enjoy 99% of everything I do as well, so I'm sure that helps somehow!

[b]Wisch:[/b] Let's take a closer look at your current position as Minister of Education. What do you do in this role?

[b]GK:[/b] Generally speaking, the MoE is all about education/record keeping (obviously) and regional retention. My primary responsibilities are maintaining our Great Library with its various historical records and managing our Welcome Buddies as they guide new nations in our region. Naturally, this also allows some flexibility for pet projects and new ideas.

[b]Wisch:[/b] Could you explain the Welcome Buddies program in more detail? What's the procedure you direct the Buddies to follow?

[b]GK:[/b] Our Welcome Buddies are essentially tour guides for new nations when they arrive in XKI after being recruited. Buddies personally telegram new arrivals with helpful tips and starting information that many might not find right away. They also serve to answer starting questions which newer nations might not know how to answer. Each buddy does things differently, but all are meant to help new nations feel noticed and connected to our community.

[b]Wisch:[/b] And what sort of advice would you give to such a new nation looking to get involved?

[b]GK:[/b] Take your time to look around! Joining NS is an extremely steep learning curve with an overwhelming amount of information to ingest all at once. There's an endless amount of ways to get involved, so take the time to explore areas you didn't look at initially and find the opportunities you want for yourself. And, of course, don't be afraid to put yourself out there when looking for ways to help.

[b]Wisch:[/b] Looking forward into the next year, what path do you see for XKI in the future?

[b]GK:[/b] Well, nothing is set in stone, but I think this coming year will hold even more outreach and regional cooperation along with new regional improvements. A few large events already come to mind looming on the horizon of 2021, and I have no doubt we'll continue to push much of the hard work begun this year even further.

[b]Wisch:[/b] Sounds exciting! And do you have any personal plans? Should we expect you to take on any new positions this coming year?

[b]GK:[/b] No plans in terms of positions, I really like what I'm doing right now and would like to keep it up for a longer period of time unless something changes drastically. Otherwise, I know I'll have my hands in some fun festivals and events this upcoming year, maybe I'll try to branch out into some new hobbies. Then again, I always say that before taking on more usual work :P

[b]Wisch[/b] Well, whatever you do, Iím sure itíll turn out great. Any final comments youíd like to make?

[b]GK:[/b] Thanks, I appreciate the confidence! Have a great New Year everyone and stay healthy~


[floatright] Until next month, your XKI Update Staff is signing off Ė [nation]Wischland[/nation][/floatright]