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The Grand Meme-Lympics: Ievan Polkka in 46 versions (and still increasing)

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[center][size=200][b]Ievan Polkka Grand-Memelympics[/b][/size][/center]


[u][b]So, what is Ievan Polkka Grand-Memelympics?[/b][/u]

Well, behind all of my memes, there was literally no reason I made this. I was compiling a list of Ievan Polkka versions for, yes you have guessed, totally no reason. But I decided to make it the Interegional Ievan Polkka Grand-Memelympics, for again, no reason.

[u][b]How do I participate?[/b][/u]

Simply, send me a telegram with a version, that is not yet on the list. In the telegram, you will want to send me name of the region, which has to receive points for that. For each submission, your region gets 1 point. For each submission with dedication, your region gets 3 points. For each submission, that lands in either [b]The Best of[/b] or [b]What in the name of Satan:[/b] categories, your region gets 5 points. [b]You may add dedication to another nation[/b], it will be added in the brackets - just tell me nation of theirs and what you want to tell them.

[u][b]What can I win?[/b][/u]

Literally nothing, except for the fact, that your region will receive bragging rights of being the most memey region in NationStates.

[u][b]Current Scores:[/b][/u]
[region]The East Pacific[/region]: 25 points
[region]10000 Islands[/region]: 15 points
[region]Thaecia[/region]: 5 points
[region]The Pacific[/region]: 5 points

[b][u]Why there is more submissions, than scores?[/u][/b]

Because, as I said, I wanted this to become list of Ievan Polkka Versions (for totally no reason) and I didn't want my so so hard memey work to be lost :(


[b]Many versions but with dedication:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] Wayvo, I believe it to be KPOP Finnish, oh God, this one lands in [b]What in the name of Satan:[/b] (credits: [nation]Grea Kriopia[/nation] of [region]10000 Islands[/region] with dedication to [nation]Kyorgia[/nation] and [nation]Chimes[/nation])
[url=]Link[/url] El seor humeante, no recognizable language, THIS IS CURSED, it lands in [b]The Best of[/b] and [b]What in the name of Satan[/b], giving 10 points to XKI (credits: [nation]Grea Kriopia[/nation] of [region]10000 Islands[/region] with dedication to [nation]Humansanity[/nation])
[b]The Best Of:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] Loituma, Finish, Regular Version (credits to: TechTag from [region]The East Pacific[/region])
[url=]Link[/url] Hatsune Miku, Finish, KPOP Live Version
[url=]Link[/url] TULLETAR, Finish, A capella folklore version with beautiful native Finish women on board
[url=]Link[/url] Canta Rhei, Polish, Online A Capella version
[url=]Link[/url] Bilal Goregen, Finish, original version of the meme
[url=]Link[/url] Salut Salot, Finnish-with-random-syllabes, a meme version performed by wannabedrunk 30s-40s women I love it lol
[b]Historical Category:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] 1937, Matt Jurva ja Ramblers Orkesteri, Finish, Orchestral version
[url=]Link[/url] 1947, Onni Laihanen harmonikka, no language, Instrumental version
[url=]Link[/url] 1952, no data, Finish, Folk version
[url=]Link[/url] 1953, Viola Turpeinen harmonikkasoolo, no language Instrumental version 
[url=]Link[/url] 1996, Maria Kalaniemi, Maija Karhinen ja Riitta Kossi, Instrumental version
[b]Instrumental and Orchestral Versions:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] Ugi Mueller, no language, Orchestral Version
[b]Disco, Dance and similar versions:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] DJ Sharpel, no language, wanna-be-club-music-I-suppose
[url=]Link[/url] Teknova, no language, Dance version
[url=]Link[/url] Riikka, Finish, I dont like modern music but I believe it's some kind of dance / club version
[b]Regular Versions:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] Arttu Suuntala, Finish, Old School Version
[url=]Link[/url] Pauli Rsnen, Finish, Regular Version
[url=]Link[/url] Spiritual Seasons, Finish, Regular Version with a little modernism
[url=]Link[/url] Kation & Len, Finish, Regular Version
[url=]Link[/url] TUULETAR, Finish, A capella with artistic video
[url=]Link[/url] Slack Bird, Finish, Regular version with folklore vibe
[url=]Link[/url] Lorelai, Finish, it's either twins or twice same girl regular version
[b]Choir Versions:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] unknown choir, Finish I suppose
[b]Asian Versions:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] Hatsune Miku, Finish, KPOP but 3d anime version (credits to TechTag from [region]The East Pacific[/region])
[url=]Link[/url] I dont speak that language, so "(イエヴァン・ポルッカ) モンゴル語バージョン(Holly Dolly)原文・和訳歌詞付き", Mongolian, idk, the version is weird (credits to [nation]Asendavia[/nation] from [region]The East Pacific[/region])
[b]European (languages) Versions:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] Hatsune Miku, English, KPOP version (credits to TechTag from [region]The East Pacific[/region])
[url=]Link[/url] Chr Altowy Wydziału Biologii, Polish, Choir Version
[b]A Capella Versions:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] Quorum, Finish, A capella version surprisingly
[url=]Link[/url] Loituma, Finish, A capella version surprisingly but from 2019
[b]Medieval Versions:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] Middle Ages, Finish, Instrumental Version (credits to: [nation]Agalaesia[/nation] / [nation]Eunopiar[/nation] from [region]The East Pacific[/region])
[b]Metal & Hard Rock Versions:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] Korpiklaani, I suppose it's Finnish, Metal version
[url=]Link[/url] Korpiklaani, I suppose it's Finnish, Metal Live version
[b]Misc Versions:[/b]
[spoiler][url=[/url] Syrex, I suppose it's Finnish, Nightcore with bass (credits to: [nation]Asendavia[/nation])
[url=]Link[/url] Korpiklaani, I suppose it's Finnish, Metal Live version
[b]What in the name of Satan:[/b]
[spoiler][url=]Link[/url] Milja Inkeri, Finish, A Version with Pore (yes, the vegetable) and dedication to Marco ( [nation]The Marconian State[/nation] I suppose??)
[url=]Link[/url] だんだん加速する (I think it's author name), no language, Instrumental-one-could-say, if-ruler-was-an-instrument
[url=]Link[/url] Hamburgaga, language cannot be specified, Donald-Version-which-you-do-not-want-to-watch
[url=]Link[/url] Lena & Laurin, German, I-regret-my-life-version-I-really-do
[url=]Link[/url] Loituma one could say, Finish, Trump version (credits to: [nation]Agalaesia[/nation] / [nation]Eunopiar[/nation]  from [region]The East Pacific[/region] - burn in hell)
[url=]Link[/url] Rob Landes, no language, instrumenal-but-meme-version with man-clothed-as-vibing-cat because why-not
[url=]Link[/url] Loituma / Reyto, Finish, well anime-girl-with-pore-looped (credits to: [nation]retz[/nation] / [nation]Jean Rowe[/nation] from [region]The Pacific[/region] )
[url=]Link[/url] TheRealSullyG, no language, otomantone cover which you DO NOT WANT to watch (credits: [nation]pledonia[/nation]  from [region]The East Pacific[/region] - I never liked you)
[url=]Link[/url] The Kiffness & Bilal Goregen, Finish, meme-club-vibing-cat-with-a-lot-of-video-editing-version
[url=]Link[/url] Hatsune Miku but Vocaloid Brasil but im G Felipe, I dont really know if its Portugese or Finnish, I cant even categorize it (credits to: Voxel from [region]Thaecia[/region])
[url=]Link[/url] Holly Dolly, Finnish, oh my god version (credits: [nation]Asendavia[/nation])

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