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SC "Commend Northrop-Grumann" Voting Overview


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[size=150][color=333399][b]Current Proposal:[/b][/color] [url=page=sc][color=009999]Commend Northrop-Grumann[/color][/url][/size]



This proposal aims to commend [b]Northrop-Grumann[/b] for their work of maintaining indexes over nations' capitals and leaders. Additionally, Northrop-Grumann has created the dark theme for the NationStates website.


[quote=Honeydewistania;000000]I disagree strongly with the we are commending them for this but were not saying it, tee hee! nonsense. The rules are the rules, even if they suck, but Im still in favour as in spite of the dark theme not being included I think they are a worthy nominee[/quote]
[quote=Neazland;000000] Hard work put into nationstates and although the dark theme may be confusing (in my opinion) It adds a variety to NS and Northrop Grumman has been in NS for a very long time and has put hard work into that time. Helped with the record keeping. I believe that Northrop Grumman deserves a commendation.[/quote]
[quote=Venicea;000000] I agree that the rules are the rules, but they shouldn't be applied retroactively and unfairly cancel what Northrop-Grumman did before just because they later joined the staff.
This particular situation casts on the Security Council a dark shadow. For.[/quote]

[quote=HumanSanity;000000] I'm not super committed one way or the other on this one. It's clear that N-G's biggest contribution to the site is the Dark Theme, but also the Dark Theme is illegal to reference under SC rules. As a result, the resolution itself is reading as insubstantial and their contributions as insufficient. As a result, I'm leaning AGAINST. However, I voted For Condemn The Free Joy State in spite of the limitations the author had in actually explaining things due to SC rules, so it's possible I could be convinced here as well.[/quote]
[quote=Beepee;000000] Whilst the longevity of the nation is admirable, the proposal doesn't include, in my opinion, significant justification to warrant a commendation.

The keeping of a ledger, whilst admirable, is no different to that of other nations and would set a low bar for future commendations.[/quote]
[quote=Sylh Alanor;000000] It might be that I'm used to a certain style of English, but there are some grammatical and spelling issues in the text that rub me the wrong way. Mainly the use of "nation's" to mean non-possessive plural instead of possessive-singular. It happens a few times at the beginning, most notably here:

[i]"The indexes of Northrop-Grumman contain useful references to information nation's have chosen to provide that is relevant..."[/i]

Having read the thread, a couple people mentioned the grammatical errors, but only in passing and they were never addressed. Also, the over-reliance on the word dark makes much more sense in retrospect, knowing that NG created the site's dark theme. In fact, that's the entire point of the commendation, but they're trying to get around the fact that NG is site staff. So they highlight these indexes that other people contributed to and he just put into a thread. Which is neat, but I don't think it's commendable at all.

It reads very similarly to Free Joy State; an attempt to appease a member of site staff for work they mostly did as staff (which isn't legal). It's padded and the author tries to be sneaky about it, but it's pretty obvious to me. I'm leaning against.[/quote]

[quote=Chimes;000000] Eh. This proposal is an interesting one, and indeed the making of the dark theme is notable but Im not sure if its suitable for Security Council commendation necessarily. I do think some of the other clauses, in particular the ones in relation to record keeping do have promise though and the nominee is certainly unique in a number of regards, Im just not sure it enough in terms of international impact.

Abstain, for now.[/quote]
[quote=Arvan Irawer;000000] The proposal mainly focuses on the fact that they kept one record of nations, their capitals and their leaders. Although it is a great feat I do not believe it is worth a commendation.[/quote][/box]

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