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My Apologies to the NS Community

Hello. Recently, I have become known for wrong reasons, for associating with raids and the Nazi region, [region]Genua[/region]. I want to apologise for my conduct recently. I was brainwashed and mislead into associating with Genua and its raids by its founders. I knew that Genua was Fascist, and I thought and still think it is not necessarily anything bad to associate with non-racist classical Fascism. However, I had failed to notice the racism in Genua, which it endorses along with the Anti-Indian ideology of Nazism. This was brought to light in front of me by my Hindu Nationalist comrades such as [nation]Hindu Mahasabha[/nation], [nation]Indusse[/nation], [nation]Madhyarashtra[/nation] and [nation]Hindu Ram Rajya[/nation]. I have understood how I had deviated from true Hindu Nationalism. I hence, whole-heartedly apologise to the NS community for having associated with Genua and its raids. I also assure all my Hindu Nationalist comrades that I will now return to the path of true Hindu Nationalism. I also assure all that this conduct of mine will not be ever repeated by me in the future and I solemnly request everyone's forgiveness to me with respect to this.