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GA "Fair Treatment of Prisoners" Voting Overview

Current Proposal: Fair Treatment of Prisoners


This proposal aims to better the treatment of prisoners by prohibiting prisons from forcing the prisoners to do labor as a punishment, prohibiting the sale or leasing of a prisoner and prohibiting the placement of prisoners in isolation, except in exceptional circumstances. Additionally, the proposal requires that prisoners may lodge complaints of abusive behavior and that health and safety regulations still apply to working prisoners.



Tepertopia wrote:Since GA 500 "International Criminal Protocol", which implemented legislation to the effect of this proposal, has just been repealed (by this same author, who offered the proposal at hand as a replacement without the controversial death penalty clause that eventually had GA 500 repealed), I support new legislation on the topic of improving prisoners' holding conditions just as I supported the original resolution.

Fauxia wrote:For, I think. Not sure about the lines about labor, but I think the idea is community service is only allowed voluntarily as a means to get out of jail... which is a good thing.

Might be a tad more restrictive than I'd support, but only a tad. For.

New Goldman wrote:I'm glad they decided to draft a sort of spiritual successor to the now repealed GA 500: International Criminal Protocol. While criminals are criminals to the eyes of people, they are people as well that needs some caring. Prison is not a time of punishment sometimes. It is a place where the felony doers reflect on their lives. I certainly support improving prisoners' sanitary conditions in jail.


Simone Republic wrote:Against. (3)(a) is impractical for most developing countries, (3)(d) will make prison labour too expensive given lower levels of productivity


Chimes wrote:Abstain. Feel the proposal could still use more refining.