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GA "Protecting Sapient Life" Voting Overview

Current Proposal: Protecting Sapient Life


This proposal aims to prohibit the death penalty in all circumstances and prohibits deporting sapient beings to nations where they would face the death penalty.



Qvait wrote:It is time for the World Assembly to pass a resolution that justly abolishes the act of judicial murder, a heinous crime of the state that wrongfully rationalizes revenge in the name of justice.

HumanSanity wrote:I'm FOR this one for the same reason I was for the other one. The death penalty is unethical and each step towards its total abolition in all member states is a good one.

The Wires Empire wrote:Absolutely, the death penalty is terrible, absolutely terrible and painful for the person who is being executed, the end goal of imprisonment should not be punishment, but rehabilitation.


Ovindien wrote:This seems to be a tacked-on proposal rushed to capitalise on the momentum of the Death Penalty Ban act and while I would claim myself to be no expert at writing WA resolutions, this makes absolutely no points of its own on why we should completely abolish death penalties. "For reasons stated in at least three different resolutions" isn't a convincing argument, since almost none will go through the World Assembly's previous 534 resolutions to find the reasons the author's talking about. It's just not feasible.

If this was a proposal that was given some amount of elaboration, I would've been in favor of this. But as the proposal stands right now, it gets a nay from me.

Lotrisia wrote:While the Commonwealth of Lotrisia applauds the high ideals of the proposal, it is poorly-written, and does not provide many specific examples of where it emplaces a ban upon the death penalty, or what would constitute such a banned sentencing, allowing broad loopholes for countries still wishing to impose it.

It also emplaces a total ban upon the death penalty within military service, which in times of need may well be necessary to ensure strong discipline upon a service with an unrivalled ability to cause destruction if not held to strict standards. While Lotrisia itself does not make use of the Death Penalty even in military service due to our belief in its inefficiency, we will not restrict those countries that feel as if it is a necessary measure, especially those with particularly large militaries.

More than this, the poor nature of the proposal's writing does not stand up to the necessary quality of WA legislation, and would set a poor precedent for further proposals. The section that the Commonwealth would support, banning extradition of persons to nations in which they would stand the possibility of facing the Death Penalty, is undermined by the proposal's aforementioned flaws. As such, it is the official position of the Commonwealth of Lotrisia to oppose this legislation in the World Assembly

Kingdom of Circle of Magi wrote:Against

a. forbids the imposition of the death penalty in all cases where such has not already been prohibited by prior and standing international law

I do believe that incase of horrible crimes against humanity and/or nature, the criminal should be executed. The ban on capital punishment in these very extreme cases goes against my own moral compass and giving these horrible people even the slightest chance of escape would be foolish.