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Reply to The North Pacific on Quorum Raids



28 JANUARY 2021

Fellow South Pacificans and friends abroad,

The Cabinet of the South Pacific is disappointed that this matter, which could have been resolved with a simple clarification or retraction of The North Pacificís statement, has not reached a mutually satisfying resolution. We do not agree with The North Pacificís characterization of the diplomatic meetings between our Ministers of Foreign Affairs. While we were seeking specific redress for one bombastic label being applied to our region, The North Pacific appeared to have a different agenda and wanted to iron out big picture items like the legitimacy of their ďantifa quorum raids.Ē When we wanted to stay on topic with our actual complaint, this seems to have been perceived as an unwillingness to hold a dialog.

In any case, public diplomacy is not the proper venue for this. The Cabinet released its earlier statement out of necessity, as we were canceling an expected festival due to The North Pacificís refusal to clarify or retract their disparaging remarks and needed to explain why to the community. We do not wish to continue in this pattern of tit-for-tat public statements. As always, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has an open office for all foreign regions. However, it is impossible at this time to conduct a productive discussion on the broader issues of quorum raiding when The North Pacific continues to propagate a false characterization of our region and government, particularly our values-based approach to protecting innocent communities. We also recently ratified the multilateral Partnership for Sovereignty alliance, which has an interest in addressing the rise of quorum raiding in the broader community.

We have laid out what we believe are workable and reasonable guidelines for engaging in antifa-motivated quorum raids. At this time, we stand by those suggested guidelines and believe they are the best chance at compromise on this issue. I have remained encouraged by the uplifting messages received from allies and friends of the Coalition, and I would like to thank them for their support. We wish The North Pacific well in their future endeavors as we have historically found them to be a respectful and constructive friend of the people of The South Pacific.

Faithfully yours,
Minister of Foreign Affairs