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Lagman Elections - February 2021


Lagman Elections - February 2021
As outlined by the New Charter of Niamark, Article VII:

The Thing is Niamark's legislative body, composed of all Landsdelar. Each Landsdel has one vote and may propose legislation. Legislation must be approved by the Cyning to become law.

A Lagman, elected every three months by the Thing, shall preside over the Thing and enforce its procedures. They may appoint Deputies to fulfill this role in their absence. The Lagman shall also represent the public before the Riksradet.

and as defined by TB#006:

1. All following Lagman elections are to be held in February, May, August and
2. A nomination period will take place from the 1st of each month and end on the 3rd.
3. A campaigning period will take place from the 4th of each month and end on the 7th.
4. A voting period will take place from the 8th of each month and end on the 10th.
5. The newly elected Lagman will take office after the voting is closed on the 10th.

...Lagman elections will be officially underway starting this Monday, 1 February. Elections will be held in the #election-central channel of Discord. Any resident of Niamark that has joined the Discord server and verified their resident nation is eligible to run for Lagman or to vote.

This dispatch will serve as a quick reference on the timetable and candidates in this election.

Phase 1: Nominations (1-3 Feb)
Landsdelar may nominate themselves or someone else to run for the position. In the latter case, the nominee must accept the nomination to be entered as a candidate. Nominations can be submitted in the #election-central channel once the Cyning declares it open.


Phase 2: Campaigns (4-7 Feb)
Candidates may campaign in the #election-central channel of Discord or on the Regional Message Board from the time nominations are declared closed until voting is declared open. They may also create a dispatch outlining their campaign in detail.

Campaign Dispatches:

Phase 3: Voting (8-10 Feb)
Landsdelar will vote by means of reaction poll. Once the poll is closed, the results are final, and the new Lagman term begins immediately.

Final Results:

Total votes: 12

The Union Huvstad of Niamark