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GA "Repeal: "Death Penalty Ban"" Voting Overview

Current Proposal: Repeal: Death Penalty Ban


This proposal aims to repeal the recently passed “Death Penalty Ban” for allowing a loophole by keeping the death penalty under military law, as well as over-stepping the individual nation’s sovereignty.



Greater Scottdascoda wrote:It should be up to the individual nations to choose to have the death penalty or not and in some cases where an extreme crimes has been committed an argument for the death penalty may be warranted. For nations that wish to have the death Penalty remain, a ban would alienate nations in the World Assembly and those nations would ultimately have to withdraw their membership to the WA.

Amerion wrote:I've had to colonise a whole new continent to relocate these bread thieves. It will be no doubt much easier just to sentence them to the afterlife!


Refuge Isle wrote:Dead on arrival.
There's no capacity for me to consider this proposal.
• The target resolution just passed.
• The target resolution is not flawed, it is just unpopular.
The author is using a complaint with clause 1 as a crutch for repealing the entire resolution because they do not agree with the premise of the death penalty ban. Simply stating outright that they do not like the death penalty ban and wish to keep executing people is not a talking point that's going to get this resolution to pass, so here we are with this excuse. If the author was truly concerned about this talking point, they would have drafted something to the effect that Tinhampton attempted, legislate on top of the original, and just ban the death penalty in all other situations still allowed. Of course, that would be counteractive to getting those sweet sweet executions back.
Strongly against; burn it down.

Astrobolt wrote:Most of this proposal is NatSov which is never a valid reason to repeal a Civil Rights Proposal. The point about fair trial standards make no sense. While I agree the wartime exemption is unfortunate, the way to address this is by banning the death penalty outright, rather than repealing the resolution.

Neazland wrote:There was a reason why we voted for last time. Executions are bad for civil rights. We rehabilitate rather than punish. We agreed on this last time and we shall agree now. No executions.