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SC "Commend Northern Borland" Voting Overview

Current Proposal: Commend Northern Borland


This proposal aims to commend Northern Borland for their various high-ranking stats, such as their gambling industry, which sits at #7 or their #1 spot for average disposable income.



Land Without Shrimp wrote:I always appreciate a well-written stat-based commend, and this is that! Hilarious and wonderfully written. And yes, well-deserved commend.

Tepertopia wrote:The nominee doubtlessly is one of the most well-known issues players out there, and not for naught ‒ they've amassed an absolutely amazing number of world census badges of extremely high placements. Also, this proposal here, if I recall correctly, was first brought up publicly after a failed attempt to condemn Northern Borland (note that this would have also been a shiny badge for their achievements, not inherently a bad thing), so this makes the fancifully twisted lauding of the nominee's stats, which, I believe, could be written into a condemnation much easier, even more funny ‒ and impressive at the same time. I've got no reason to oppose an eloquently composed commendation of such a deserving nominee.

Westinor wrote:If there are any stats-based issues answering nations that deserve a C/C, NB is one of them. Alongside Kindjal, their stats are practically unparalleled. While the commend take makes for a few phrases I don’t quite agree with (commending for creating a culture of alcoholics is commendable?), the nominee’s nation(s) are a result of a years-long effort to perfect and improve their stats. Some might say stats-based game play should not be commended or condemned - however, I would argue that the constant effort of reading through issues and answering them for the optimal result for several years (for several nations no less) is commendable and certainly much more than just “pressing a bunch of buttons”. Issues aren’t necessarily as simple as checking onto Trot’s website and finding the best option, as many issues answers can attest to. While stats are straightforward, as far as I know hidden differences in how stats work can often lead to the downfall of one’s hard work. This proposal’s writing is strong and the stats back it up.


The Langburn Islands wrote:The General Assembly should not be commending any nation that abuses the rights of workers to such an industrial scale and refuses to outlaw the use of child labour.

The Pleiads wrote:Against. If you want to condemn someone, then condemn them instead of writing something this sarcastic.

Guilleana wrote:This proposal is hypocritical... He doesn't have videogames banned, and the one that wrote the proposal has computers banned.