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SC "Commend 1 Very Fast Endotarter" Voting Overview


This proposal aims to commend 1 very fast endotarter for their work in The North Pacific, specifically their involvement in cards, their development of tools to aid endotarting and recruiting and their maintained programs, such as the Literary Awards and the World Assembly Development Program.



Tepertopia wrote:The nominee's contributions to the development of TNP's cards program are admirable, and so is the work they've put into creating many publicly available tools (e.g. Endorse the World or Card Queries), nevermind the building of TNP's endorsement swapping program, which ultimately served as an inspiration to many similar initiatives in the world (like SWAN).


HumanSanity wrote:I'm opposed to this.

r3n's card work is immense and impressive, and I don't object to the idea of giving a player a second Commendation. However, r3n has a length career of supporting the "Independent" and imperialist spheres of NationStates, and thereby supporting raiding, through his tenure of service in Europeia. Even recently when he has retired from day-to-day government and gameplay, he continues to nudge the needle in very subtle ways towards raiding, providing an ideological bulwark for it in his regions. The idea that r3n's work exists apolitically is absurd, as the tools he has created were first piloted in TNP and Europeia, two regions with political agendas. In fact, it could easily be argued r3n's tools are primarily responsible for TNP being the largest region in NationStates right now, and advancing TNP as a region like that has serious political consequences.

Votes aren't just about the text of the resolution themselves, they're also about political interests, and this resolution is counter to our regional interests. So I'll be lodging a vote AGAINST and casting all Delegate's Prerogative votes in the same vein.


Frattastan IV wrote: Not voting for now

That's a lot of card clauses. Also, I'm a bit skeptical of the fact that, after they were commended "coordinating critical recruitment, military, security, communications and development infrastructure", they could be commended again for "the continued maintenance of regional development programs".

Toerana wrote: He's been a big part of the Cards Community and TNP..... but he's also already been commended.