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GA "Right To Assemble" Voting Overview

Current Proposal: Right To Assemble


This proposal aims to allow peaceful assembly of citizens which member states may not suppress, unless in cases of hatred based on race, gender or another categorization.



Imperial Dodo wrote:This proposal defines and establishes the guidelines of one of the most crucial and fundamental aspects of any nation, the right to peacefully assemble.

Arvan Irawer wrote:Freedom of assembly is a crucial right that all should have. I did vote for the repeal of the previous legislation, but that was because there were serious problems with the wording, etc. However, this proposal fixes those issues and therefore I can strongly vote For.

Doge Land wrote:Despite this resolution's weird word choices, it gets its point across and should be passed.


Chimes wrote:Against. I prefer the alternative proposal in the queue.

Castle Federation wrote:I respect and affirm the need of a resolution that protects the right of assembly, but I believe this rendition to be too specific and therefore limiting to a WA that is thousands of nations large.

That being said, a more specific issue I have is in section 5 clause 2 which includes "gender identity" among its categories. I fear this will allow nations to silence those who advocate against the public funding and legality of the abortion procedure within their nation as this can be banned as an act of "protecting discrimination against women".