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GA "Right To Secure Digital Communication" Voting Overview


This proposal aims to secure digital communication through methods such as barring governments from banning encryption.



Kastonvia wrote:I can get on board with this

Fauxia wrote:Wide-reaching but thatís good imo.

Abyssal Phantasm wrote:How does one spread the Will of the machines of the Great Machine God if one such as our nation with his most humbling and loyal servants doesn't have access to these machines? THE MACHINE GOD BLESSES!


Sandaoguo wrote:While 90% of the resolution is agreeable, I think thereís a major loophole in the provision allowing restriction of secure communication methods that were originally intended for government or military purposes. Many encryption methods *are* designed by the government or military, and then trickle down to the public. I believe the language is intending to allow restrictions for methods that are currently and exclusively used by government and military, but unfortunately thatís not the language actually used. Given this major loophole, I recommend voting against so it can be fixed.

Tepertopia wrote:In addition to everything said so far, I think clause 2b may be a bit too broad. I don't know how much of a stretch it would be to assume that this would also cover any attempts of developing methods to crack such encryptions - but if it would, that might ultimately hurt encryption, because if researching weaknesses is prohibited, incentives to create stronger technologies or at least patching such possible weaknesses would be strongly discouraged. Also, with backdoors removed, and attempting to otherwise crack encryptions illegal, preventing terrorism will become exponentially more difficult, as Arvan Irawer said, compromising national security.

Jabberwocky wrote:This seems an invitation to carte blanche hacking. Against