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SC "Repeal: "Commend Northern Borland"" Voting Overview


This proposal aims to repeal SC#342 for glorifying Northern Borlandís stats, such as obesity and rudeness.



Eastern New England wrote:I abstained on the original Commendation, as I wasn't sure what to make of it. Reading through this repeal, I notice all the reasons why Northern Borland is an unfit nominee for a Commendation and I will accordingly vote FOR this repeal.


Outer Sparta wrote:Voted against. While there is an argument that can be said about repealing this commendation (considering of course many of the stats NB has are viewed as "undesirable" or "negative"), the component of this commendation is based on their work building up their stats (even of course, they are mostly negative). The humorous style of the commendation is also a plus.

Tepertopia wrote:A sense of humor in the WA isn't completely out of place (see clause 4 of GA 408 "Ban on Secret Treaties"), and regarding the sarcastic use of words such as "jumping with joy", in SC 307 "Condemn Auphelia", we have a precedent where the SC is literally "turning up its nose" and "tut-tutting", so I don't think that's a problem. The commendation is a parodic take on recognizing the immense dedication of Northern Borland to the Issues game, and I believe if it had to be repealed, it shouldn't be done by a proposal only dryly reciting why no fun should be allowed in the WA. As the author of the original proposal stated, I think it would deserve a repeal as funnily written as the original, if anything.