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Secretary Campaign (March 2020)

Dyl's Re-election Campaign

General Information

Some of you reading this might not know who I am or which positions I have held, so here is a short summary of my political career in The Leftist Assembly.

I started as Member of the General Assembly in June 2020 and served two terms. I previously served as ambassador to Forest and currently am the ambassador to Libertarian Socialist Confederation. Furthermore I am the current serving Secretary since December 2020. Therefore I have experience as Secretary.

What can I expect if you get re-elected?
You can expect more of the leadership you currently have. I will not promise any big changes, otherwise I would have introduced them last term.

It will be a continuation of the policies of my last term, seeking new viable and compatible embassy partners, keeping the region informed with the monthly update telegrams and trying to increase community activities with the Ministry of Community Affairs.

You have any question about me or my Platform?
Feel free to ask me either publicly on the RMB or Discord or privately via Discord PM(Nihilistic Punk#0221) or Telegram.

The United Communes of Dyl