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March 2021 General Election - Candidates & Platforms


Dyl's Re-election Campaign

General Information

Some of you reading this might not know who I am or which positions I have held, so here is a short summary of my political career in The Leftist Assembly.

I started as Member of the General Assembly in June 2020 and served two terms. I previously served as ambassador to Forest and currently am the ambassador to Libertarian Socialist Confederation. Furthermore I am the current serving Secretary since December 2020. Therefore I have experience as Secretary.

What can I expect if you get re-elected?
You can expect more of the leadership you currently have. I will not promise any big changes, otherwise I would have introduced them last term.

It will be a continuation of the policies of my last term, seeking new viable and compatible embassy partners, keeping the region informed with the monthly update telegrams and trying to increase community activities with the Ministry of Community Affairs.

You have any question about me or my Platform?
Feel free to ask me either publicly on the RMB or Discord or privately via Discord PM(Nihilistic Punk#0221) or Telegram.
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Podria for Secretary!
Progress, Unity, Diversity

Who am I?

Hello everybody! I am Podria, and I am running for Secretary this General Election. For my formal resumé: I am currently Speaker and Member of the 20th General Assembly. I also serve dually as Minister of Roleplay and Minister of Community Affairs, and have served as Minister of Roleplay for some time now, but only stepped up to the post of Community Affairs after the previous holder departed the region in January. Before this term, I have served as Member of the General Assembly in the 15th, 16th, and 17th General Assemblies (that's since November of 2019!), as Vice Secretary of the Leftist Assembly, Minister of World Assembly Affairs, and as Ambassador to The Internationale. Needless to say, I am well experienced in all branches of the government - from regional law to gameside mechanics to community involvement to foreign relations, I've done it all and I hope to do it in a greater and more impactful capacity as your Secretary. Beyond my formal experience, I've also been an active member of the community since the founding of my nation in Fall of 2018, I am currently pursuing a degree in Public and Nonprofit Management, I am actively involved in my local Democratic Socialists of America chapter, and in general I am absolutely stoked to be able to serve The Leftist Assembly as Secretary.

What will I do?

As Secretary I plan on taking this region down a different path than has been taken previously. The greatest thing I will once again bring back to the region is a volunteer corps of Assemblians who will serve as aides to Ministers. While previously this has been known by the term civil service, I wish to differentiate this new programme from the old initiative. I believe my experience in real life volunteering and organising, combined with my extensive knowledge on the running, operations, and needs of the various facets and goings-on of the region will allow for this programme to be the best it can possibly be. I believe that many ministries, in ways big or small can be assisted by increased helping hands. In addition to this, I also intend on continuing the growth of the region's foreign presence with other socialist, communist, anarchist, and progressive regions on the site; I believe that left-wing regions on NationStates must continue to remain united against fascists, capitalists, and neo-conservatives that threaten basic human decency and human rights. Finally, I want to ensure that the duties of the executive are fulfilled to the highest quality and deepest completeness - I want to make sure that what the executive does is well explained to and understood by the Assemblians, I want to make sure that our actions are as transparent as possible, and in general, I want people to be able to know more about what happens in the executive - too long has the cabinet acted mostly in the shadows and behind closed doors. Of course I will also officially remove Kava's ability to double post, declare France illegal, promptly invade the CCD, and work tirelessly to destroy NationStates once and for all.

Why should you vote for me?

I believe that I am the most experienced and fit in the race to serve as your Secretary, and I hope that what you've read so far brings you to the same conclusion. I will work as hard and as much as I possibly can to make this region the best I can make it, and I know this cannot and should not be a one person fight. I intend on being a Secretary for the people and will try my hardest to act as an extension of the will of all of the Assemblians, and want to make my Secretaryship one of Progress, Unity, and Diversity. I want to make abundantly clear that I am always open to suggestions, questions, comments, concerns, or any other communiques from Assemblians to ensure that I have the most representative term as Secretary ever. As part of this, I'd like people to know that in addition to telegramming me they can also send me a Discord DM (Hugh Mungus#6146), an email (, or submit something via the suggestion box which I intend to expand and utilise as much as possible. Really, all I want to do is serve this region the best I can, and ensure that our region is as enriched as possible. If this doesn't convince you, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to make sure that you know that I'm fighting for you and for our region.

For Progress, for Unity, for Diversity. Vote Podria for Secretary!
Thank you to Courelli for the high-def logo! Unity in Diversity!

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Talao wrote:I am running for Secretary under the following platform:

Vote for Talao if you want Talao in office

That's it

Please clap

General Assembly

Hi fellow comrades,

I'm Chrysanthemumlia, most of you probably know me as Catie. I would like to announce my campaign for a seat in the GA. I hope that when you read my platform, you are impressed with what I want to bring to the table.

I will try my best to represent everyone from various beliefs in TLA.

I will try my best to improve much as possible, so I become the best possible representative.

Open for Ideas
I will be open for ideas and thoughts my comrades bring up.

I will try to write at least one bill during my term.

Catie - March 2021
I hope I can be the best member of GA that a person could be!

Unity in Diversity!

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I'm The Socialist Federation of Idontknowium You may have seen me under that name, or the name of Secundknowium, on our region (including RMB and Discord). I am presenting my candidature to the General Assembly. If you got any questions, I'm active on both Discord and the RMB, and I also check my telegrams.

General information about myself

  • I have no previous experiencie with any governmental position in The Leftist Assembly.

    • I do, however, have some experience as a WA Delegate, for the regions of Union of Noneuropean Nations by Randoms (86 days) and Noneuropean Union (36 days). I am not too keen on the idea of counting these 2 positions as "actual power", however, as they were regions with very few, very inactive players.

  • I have been playing this game since the 27th of September, 2020, with the nations of Sarthale and Idontknowium as my mains.

  • I have some experience writing extremely formal things (although I'm still improving, as English isn't my first language) in the shape of DCA-5287.

  • I generally consider myself a democratic socialist, although I'm very open to general pan-leftist ideas all across the spectrum.

General plans

As stated above, I have no previous experience with any governmental position in our region. Nontheless, I have some ideas on how the position works and what it's expected of the candidates. Therefore:

  • As aforementioned above, I will listen to most leftist ideas regardless of my own ideology. I feel like this is the spirit of The Leftist Assembly, and it should not be forgotten.

  • I would like to leave my mark by writing or helping write at least one bill, irregardless of its origins as a serious bill or a joke bill.

  • Help newer players that join the region understand not only the fundamentals of the game, but the fundamental concepts of The Leftist Assembly.

  • (joke) Help abolish straight people, including myself.

    That is all, thank you for reading, and I hope everyone gets a fair chance!

    P.S: And, as we say around these parts:

    "Trust us, we don't know"
    -The Enochian Council.

    Unity in Diversity,
    The Socialist Federation of Idontknowium.

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My beautiful platform
I am running for MGA again. You probably know me as Flame or my recent main nation, HELP ME TAKE OVER THE WORLD PLEASE. Well I am running again. I will list my plans and experience.
My experience
  1. I was Member of General Assembly last term and a deputy speaker for the last part of it

  2. I was also minister of recruitment last term

  3. I have been an ambassador to North Korea since early November and recently became an ambassador for Gay

  4. I have been playing NS since mid September

    1. The reason this nation is so new is cause I switched my main nation from HELP ME TAKE OVER THE WORLD PLEASE to this one a few days ago

  5. I have been with the red fleet since early December.

  6. I also have this amendment which passed very recently page=dispatch/id=1508385

My plans
  1. I plan on running for Speaker of the General Assembly. If I am elected to speaker, this is what I promise.

    1. I am very active so I will often see presented legislation fast and not miss it

    2. I will help any other members of the General Assembly when they need help.

  2. I have a joke bill I am currently working on but plan on making serious bills.

  3. Help any new Assemblian learn how to make bills even if they're not in the GA

  4. Be a signatory to (almost) any bill made by a non MGA person.

I will add or change anything else as I think of it.

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New Samon for General Assembly!
Representative for the People.

Hello there, I'm New Samon. You may recognize me from the regional Discord server, from which I'm active on, or the RMB. I'm officially announcing my candidacy for the General Assembly, read below and ask questions by telegramming me or DMing me on Discord!

Promises and Goals
As a Member of the General Assembly, I hope to represent the people of the Leftist Assembly, and serve their best interests. Furthermore, if the benefits the people, you can expect to see me voting for. I plan to promote transparency, and to hopefully bring change to this very Assembly. During the tenure, I will plan to have been the author and signatory of various bills.

Political Career
I have served two full terms as an MGA, under the notable 18th and 19th General Assemblies. Furthermore, I have written a successful bill, and hope that the number can increase. Outside of the General Assembly, I have previously served as ambassador to Gay, Wintercrest, and the Democratic Socialist Assembly. I have also served in the 1st Dyl Cabinet as Minister of Foreign Affairs before my resignation.

Sponsored by the New Samon Election Committee
Unity in Diversity • For the Revolution!
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I have thoroughly thought over this decision for quite some time, and I am now prepared to finalize said decision...

I, Sauros, am publicly announcing my candidacy for a seat in the General Assembly.

I do not have a specific agenda for policy or laws I wish to put forward. All I have is the desire to become more civicly involved with this community. For too long have I purely spent my time chatting on the RMB, occasionally participating in community events, and occasionally chatting on the Discord. I wish to do something more meaningful for this community, and if participating in government is one way I can do this, then I'll strive for it.

Another thing: if more people are running for GA than there are seats in the GA, I may drop out of the race, and instead seek the appointment by Secretary Dyl for Minister of Community Affairs. If it is legal to be both MoCA and a member of the General Assembly, then I will seek both positions. I wish with all my heart to be a voice for this community, be more involved with the community, and to strengthen my ties to the region itself.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will support me in my candidacy for GA.

For the Revolution! Sauros for General Assembly!

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Soviet Catgirls wrote:Hello, friends! I was happy to have served as Member of the 20th General Assembly after the by-elections, and so I will once again announce my candidacy for Member of the 21st General Assembly! If you decide to have me, I will continue to participate as your chosen representative. I am very happy to be a part of the community, and wish all others running for Secretary and MGA luck!

Having served in the GA for 36 days has given me experience. It was a challenge for me, as someone with ADHD, anxiety and aspergers (ASD), that led me to a new level of familiarity with the region and the legislative process, and I feel motivated to meet the expectations of The Leftist Assembly! I pledge to represent an informed and varied perspective as long as you would like me in this position! And, as always, feel free to send me a friend request on Discord or send me a telegram here on NS!

Also, about me generally, I am a trade unionist anarchocommunist INTP trans girl, who values high-quality personalized education and experience, really likes writing, meditating, psychology, astronomy, engineering, strategy games and RPGs, leftist theory, thinking deeply about ideas that interest me, learning new subjects, and all eras of history.
Remember to stay hydrated, and if you ever would like to discuss something with me, let me know! Workers of the world unite!

Super Awesome Fun Times for MGA!

Introduction and Declaration of Candidacy

To my fellow comrades in The Leftist Assembly,

Since joining the region this past October, I have gradually become more active within regional life, so to me this announcement is a logical next step in my involvement. I believe it’s time to see more new faces in TLA’s government; therefore I am hereby declaring my candidacy for Member of the General Assembly.

Qualifications and Accomplishments

1. I am a regular participant in the RoSE program, exchanging endorsements with my fellow Assemblians in the WA. I am also active in the WA in general and vote on all resolutions in a way that I feel reflects leftist values.

2. I was an active participant in last year’s Z-Day event, helping to cure many nations within TLA and ensure our success in having a 100% cure rate.

3. I have taken on two ambassadorial positions during this last term: first the position of Ambassador to Forest, and more recently, I have also become Ambassador to Wintercrest. I hope to continue our positive relations with these two regions and improve upon them.

4. I have participated in several RMB discussions, and I recently became active on the Discord server as well.

Vision for a Better Assembly

First and foremost, I would like to make sure everyone feels represented in the region, regardless of ideology. Whether you’re a Marxist-Leninist, democratic socialist, anarcho-communist, or anything in between, your voice matters. One of the founding principles of TLA is that of pan-leftism, and I am passionate about upholding that value. Disunity and sectarianism only serve to hurt our region and its goals, so discouraging such behavior is essential.

I also believe in remaining active on the RMB so our non-Discord citizens feel like they can still participate meaningfully to the region. Not everyone wants or is able to get Discord, and their voices are just as valid.

Based on the above points, my main goal as an MGA will be to try to increase participation in the region, especially from newer and/or previously non-active Assemblians. In addition, I will work to ensure the GA remains 100% transparent and democratic. A vote for Super Awesome Fun Times is a vote for your voice to be heard.

Unity in Diversity!

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via telegram or on Discord.
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The Isles of Geese wrote:I am running for GA on the platform of deleting england. Vote for me if you want england to be deleted.