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Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service (Volume 8)

March '21
Volume Eight

The Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service
The Official Newsletter of Caer Sidi

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A new course for the CSBS

by Tenurium (Kresh Nagar)

As of this edition, the Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service will be switching to a new monthly release schedule, replacing the old bimonthly system. This shortening of the release cycle is to accommodate the increased regional activity within Caer Sidi over the last months. In addition to the regular reporting, the CSBS will now also feature various other articles, such as interviews or Q&As with members of Caer Sidis leadership as to avoid a decrease in content.

A new Taoiseach on the Horizon
by Tenurium (Kresh Nagar)

With the end of Taoiseach Icarusīs second term and her temporary retirement from Caer Sidi leadership, new elections were due. The standing and campaigning phase began on the 25th of Febuary and came to an end on the 2nd of March. Due to a lack of opposition, last elections candidate and current co-Minister of Cultural Affairs, Jaytilla Kingsmoreaux was declared Taoiseach immediately.

The new Head of Executive stated that he would like to see the promises made in the last campaign realized, planning the creation of the Caer Sidi Radio, in which citizens would curate and share their favourite music with rest of the region while also hinting at a possible integration of the two seasonal clans of Caer Sidi. The newly elected Taoiseach Jaytilla retained much of the previous cabinet, with the only change of appointing the previous Taoiseach Icarus as a co-minister of cultural affairs. The cabinet for the coming term is as follows:

Tanaiste - Peaches
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Loller M Corleone
Minster of Culture - Icarus and xKrytore
Minister of Communications - Tenurium

The many faces of Lir
by Tenurium (Kresh Nagar)

On the 27th of January, a new edition of the Caer Sidi Art Showcase or CSASC was announced. The population of Caer Sidis discord server was given the opportunity to create the new, albeit temporary server icon. The submission period lasting until the 4th of February saw four contributions, all of them featuring the regional Mascot, Lir. After the votes were tallied on the 7th, an icon submitted by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Loller Kingsmoreaux Corleone, was crowned the winner.
You can find all contributions below

by Maple/CanadianMaps (Eareamland)

by Loller (LollerLand) (Winner)

by Loller (LollerLand)

by Icarus (Evil Mother)

A valentines summary
by Maple/CanadianMaps (Eareamland)

A valentines summary... so valentine's day... We know, we're late. But I don't care. So here we are. To simplify, "Spread the love", or the Valentine's day event, was an event here in CS where you could send messsages of love to other NSers in CS via Icarus (luv). The messages were submitted via a google form managed by Icarux, and I got sent a nice one too Big Grin Yea not that much, just a ***laaaaaaaaaarge*** event. It was ok. People smiled. That's good. Good is nice. Nice is yes. Yes is yes.

A House Party with Friends
by Loller KM Corleone (LollerLand)

Caer Sidi hosted and organised, 'The Week of Hiraeth', an inter-regional festival with Thalassia, Social Technocratic Union, Spiritus, Res Publica, Cyrannus Star System and Hartfelden. Organised with the aim of reinvigorating existing friendships and fostering new ones, the 5 day event, which was held from 17th to 21st February, saw citizens from the seven regions participating together in numerous events and socialising, making the event a huge success! The festival has, without a doubt, made the bonds between the participating regions stronger.

The Week of Hiraeth was made memorable by fun activities such as movie, music and game nights, and even a puzzle hunt and an art contest. Adding to the delight, several participants were attending such an event for the first time. Online multiplayer games such as Among Us, Skribbl, Secret Hitler and Jackbox, were played during the several game nights sessions held throughout the festival. Music Night was one of the most successful event and stretched for more than 4 hours as participants kept on submitting songs to be played. The movie night was held on the 18th.

The puzzle hunt was organised by Icarus, Jaytilla and Loller. The first riddle for the participants was dropped in the Hiraeth server on 17th. The backstory of the puzzle described the participants as lost in an enchanted forest, trying to find a way back to their home. Clues were hidden in various regions, puppet nations and even specially made discord servers and even a youtube video. Participants were encouraged to form inter-regional teams but there was no compulsion to do so, and they could try and solve it alone if they wished to do so. There were a total of 20 steps for the participants to complete. Each step revealed a clue to the next one. The final clue led the seekers back to the server of Hiraeth, where it all started, and upon posting a special command which was revealed to them, they were given access to a special channel where they were finally greeted by the comfort and safety of home. Skies from Res Publica and Rotasu from Caer Sidi were the first team to reach home, completing the adventurous journey in just a day's time! They were followed by Peeps, an adorable party crasher, who completed the puzzle all by himself.

The submissions for the art contest were held till 20th, after which a vote was held amongst the attendees of Hiraeth to determine the winner of the contest. The theme of the contest was 'nostalgia'. All the artworks that were submitted were of impressively high quality. A total of 4 artworks were submitted, and the one submitted by Loller Corleone got the most number of votes, garnering 10 votes. The other three art pieces got 4 votes each.

You can check out all of the artworks that were submitted below

by Loller (LollerLand)

by Icarus (Evil Mother)

by Skies (Snante)

The chant of the church
Metallic resonence
Echoes in my mind
Perfumed remembrance

The dances of the souls
Dissolves within the time
Sweet souvenirs
Sour present

Without their warm
A colded volcano
Cristallised melody
Bitter memories

The desire to touch
The finger of the past
Friendly fairies
Hear the choir again

The sands of time
Erodes the lovely times
Good old moments
With your smile
Ephemeral beauty

By Patchourisu.C (Miraihoshi)

A talk with the captain
by Loller KM Corleone LollerLand

Recently, I got a chance to sit down with Cpt Carrot (TiroDayn), the Regent of Caer Sidi, a member of the OOC Administration Team and a beloved figure in every NS community he has involved himself in. As the Caer Sidi Broadcasting service evolves, we are hoping that we will be able to do many more such interviews with notable individuals, both within and outside Caer Sidi. That being said, here is the complete transcript of the wonderful conversation I had with Carrot.

Loller: So let's start from the beginning, how long have you been playing NationStates?
Carrot: Since early January 2012, it's been a bit..

Loller: When you first joined, what was your impression of the game?
Carrot: Something about the humour behind the nation classifications made me chuckle so I thought it'd be a fun waste of time for a few weeks

Loller: But here we are 9 years later.. what made you stay for so long in this game?
Carrot: People. It took me a bit to get involved in the first region I joined, but eventually the founder pestering people on the RMB to join their forums got me to have a look. I got my first proper look at the wonderful variety of characters that pass through this game and the longer I hang around the more of them I see. There are frustrating and toxic people that lurk in this game, but they are far outweighed by the the marvellous tapestry of personalities that find room to grow and express themselves. I am fascinated by humanity as a whole and NS has been a surprisingly close exposure to people I would never meet otherwise, and who might not open themselves up in the same way.

Loller: Could you describe your time in NationStates, before you joined Caer Sidi, briefly?
Carrot: My first year was a learning experience, I spent it in a place called Democratium, that region sadly declined and I was one of the last people standing when someone I met there invited me over to Europeia. Euro was a shock in size, activity, and just how seriously the politics was taken. I took on a few positions over time, I was an interior minister, my performance was utterly ghastly, (oddly enough one of the firmest friends I made in this game and I still make jokes about the savaging they gave me over it), I bounced around Culture activity and became involved in military gameplay. I found my favourite roll as a pundit and people watcher, that combined with my happiness to jump in voice chats meant that when radio started to become a thing I was involved from early on.

Loller: Very interesting! How did you end up joining Caer Sidi?
Carrot: Phan pulled me over in 2017 (I think?) to hang out in a VC lol

Loller: And what made you decide to stay in the region?
Carrot: The people that were around, they were a fun lot and I enjoyed their company. I got sucked in and stuck around.

Loller: You have been in Caer Sidi for a long time now, how would you describe your overall experience?
Carrot: It's been a fun time, people are mostly relaxed and easy going. I enjoy seeing everyone's interactions and the funny back and forths that develop. The Caer community usually have something to make me smile.

Loller: Did you imagine that you would end up becoming the Regent when you first joined the region, and what was your journey like from being a regular in the VC sessions to becoming the second hand of the Queen?
Carrot: I'm not sure what I expected but becoming Regent was most definitely not it. Aynia and I just hit it off, we ended up chatting while playing games and somehow I just made an impression that earned her trust in my thoughts and advice, the rest is a bit of a blur..

Loller: How much has the region changed, since you first joined it?
Carrot: In some ways it's changed a lot, and in others it is still just as it was. When I was new to CS we teased about it being the retirement home of NS, we had lots of old names come to hang out and a generally more mature, both RL and NS wise, population. CS is now becoming a place to make a name for yourself, especially after the UCR cons, we still have the old hands hanging about but new and younger players have really taken the opening. In the most fundamental way it hasn't changed at all, CS is still a friendly open place for people to spend time and just have fun. We still have moments of random nonsense where we goof about and for the most part everything is still wholesome and gentle.

Loller: What is your fondest memory in Caer Sidi?
Carrot: This has been a hard one to come with an answer to, Caer is a place that holds so many fond memories and each one has its special place. I think a thematic memory, as it has happened many times before and I hope will happen many times in the future. Caer Chat dramatic RPs, every time we have had our little impromptu plays I come away laughing and grinning.

Loller: Those tend to be hilarious! I agree with you there! Anyway, moving on to the next question, What is Caer Sidi's greatest strength/asset, according to you?
Carrot: The thing I think is our greatest asset is that our experienced members are supportive. combine this with the wonderful fact the younger players we attract are bright, engaged, and willing to learn. Caer is a place for people to grow.

Loller: Very well said! Moving on, If you could change one thing about Caer Sidi, what would you change?
Carrot: Hmmmm, I don't know if there is anything that I'd particularly want to alter in any noticeable way, most of Caer now is organic to the community. That said the one thing I would like to change is that I am currently sitting in Chail awaiting a relief column so if you lot in the RP could get on that, that'd be nice.

Loller: Haha, that should be any day now, unless we get distracted again.. (smiles awkwardly and scratches his head)
Now on to the last question! What do you think about Caer Sidi's future as a NationStates region and as a community?
Carrot: I think prospects for the community are good, we've got a good group, and I look forward to seeing how it evolves in the couple years, there's a lot to be said for our bunch. They are a raucous chaotic group at times, but I adore them all. on the NS side it is going to be an interesting time, we've made some good new friends this last year, and we solidified friendships we've had for a while, Caer is in a good place to make it's mark deeper. I look forward to seeing where our region goes.
Loller: Thank you for giving us so much of your time Carrot! I had a great time taking this interview and I am sure our readers too will enjoy it once it gets published! Thank you!
Carrot: My pleasure, and thank you for an excuse to travel down memory lane!

Ask Aynia Anything
by Aynia Moreaux (Aynia Moreaux)

Hello and welcome to the very first edition of AAA!

No, itís not car insurance, itís Ask Aynia Anything! Over the past week or so, youíve submitted some questions for me to answer, so without further adieu, here I go!

Question 1) When did your obsession with glitter start?

Answer: Good question, dear asker! I guess I would say, my obsession with glitter really started way back when, when I was a little kid, and I saw glitter. Iíve always thought glitter was awesome, but it wasnít really until I started exploring my own tastes in design and art and I just love how beautiful it is. I mean, who doesnít feel a little bit better after throwing a handful of glitter in the air, or decorating with glitter glue? Itís just something that represents being free and feeling good, and I really feel that.

Question 2) If you could change one thing about Caer Sidi, what would it be?

Answer: Hmm, thatís a hard one. Let me think about itÖ

Truthfully I thought about this for a while and I really canít think of anything Iíd change about CS. Maybe just even more awesome people than we already have? But then again I enjoy the closeness of a smaller community, and thatís the feeling I get for Caer, friendliness and closeness, and I wouldnít change that for the world.

Question 3) We all know the region has changed a lot from its inception, but I want to know: how have your GOALS (or perhaps even your vision) for the region changed?

Answer: I will admit, when I first founded Caer I had a lot of ambition. I wanted a big, self sustainable, super popular region that made big waves. Because thatís the goal, right? To make a mark on things? Over the years Iíve tempered that ambition and Iíve realized what was important, and that was loving what Caer was in reality, not being driven by what my big aspirations of what it could or should be like. Because the truth is the reality of Caer Sidi is so much better than I had envisioned it to be. Eventually my ultimate goal became to establish a self sufficient community that didnít depend on me to make it function. To allow it to take on a life of itís own and grow organically with the people who make up the community. And I feel like we have reached that goal. I have stepped back a LOT from where I was a couple, or even just one year ago. We have wonderfully capable people continuously willing to step up and keep things running and staying a driving force in the community.

So I guess my new goal, my current goal, is just to maintain what weíve got and enjoy it as much as I can. :D

Question 4) Hiya Aynia! So like, what is it like to found and run a region? You've been doing this for quite some time now, how do you stay on top of it all? ^^ Oki thanks, hope you have a lovely day!

Answer: Hello! Thatís a big ask! O.o Itís hard to condense everything down into a paragraph or two, but I will do the best I can.

What itís like to found a region: patience testing, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes overwhelmingly fun, but also a big time commitment to get and keep things running. For me I had a lot of fun creating Caer Sidi and exploring how to expand the lore and world weíd created. Setting up government structure and thinking up new ideas is very fun for me, so while it can be stressful trying to put together everything you need to get started, enjoying what you are doing really takes a lot of the stress away. Running a region is really the exact same answer. Itís a big commitment but also very rewarding when you get to see your creation bloom and grow.

How do I stay on top of it all? I cannot at all do it on my own. For the first couple of years the region was around I tried to keep on top of everything myself and really took responsibility on myself for keeping the region functioning. But as the region grew, we attracted dedicated players who called and still call Caer Sidi home. And itís because of these players and their help and care for CS that Iím able to still keep it going today. It makes it so much easier to have people to lean on and share the load with, especially when they are awesome and you know you can count on them to be there when you need it.

Question 5) Where do you get your creativity from for your art pieces?

Answer: Iíve always feared being a Ďcopycatí, or getting too similar an idea to something thatís already been done, so I try and pick and choose my most original ideas. I like making things that have the feel of the genre I like, but donít look exactly like everything else. Iím also inspired a lot by functional art. I like the idea of making Ďlow artí, not just something to be nailed to the wall and forgotten. Recently Iíve gotten into making designs to sell on my website not only on canvas but on things like phone cases and pillows.

Question 6) Why do you think NS social construct is whack as hell?

Answer: This reminds me of an essay I wrote and posted in the NSGP forum forever ago, which if you really want to, you can find here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=479826. It talks about the unwritten social contract of responsibility and reputation and how that relates to NS. When I read this question I also think about the social hierarchy and the different cliques within the game, but tbh I could write an entire essay just on social interactions and relationships within the game. I think that the number one thing you need to keep in mind while youíre playing the game, is that other people are playing the game, too. Keep in mind you might just be interacting with an ic persona, and you donít want to let that influence your out of character judgement and feelings. Itís just a game and it isnít worth getting upset or even hurt over.


I want to thank you all for submitting your questions! I had a lot of fun thinking up answers and I hope to maybe make this a regular thing, if the other journalists donít end up getting tired of me barely making deadlines, lol. I look forward to answering more of your questions!

Love and glitter,

Aynia Moreaux

Citizen of the Month: Peaches
by Taoiseach Icarus (Evil Mother)

This month's very special citizen is none other than our beloved Peaches.
In the last couple of months he made a name for himself by joining our military, the autumnal court and was appointed Tanaiste for the second half of the last term. He is also an active presence in our internal world assembly discussions. Besides always having funny remarks and frequently updating us on his little pupper, he has done a fantastic job in all areas he got involved in. Thank you for your engagement Peaches!!

Our Team

Tenurium (Kresh Nagar)

Loller Kingsmoreaux Corleone (LollerLand)

Icarus Kingsmoreaux Corleone (Evil Mother)

Maple/CanadianMaps (Eareamland)

Aynia Moreaux (Aynia Moreaux)

Want to become a journalist for Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service? That's wonderful and we would love to have you as a part of our team! Telegram Kresh Nagar or DM Tenurium#5264 on LinkDiscord for more details!