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My opinion on NS countries + if I would live in them or not

If you would like to be on this list, send me a TG and I can rate your nation based on both its NS stats and independent lore (if applicable).

[nation]Sicilian Imperial-Capitalist Empire[/nation]: An oppressive, absolute monarchy that cares little for its people and only seeks to enrich itself. I would personally not want to live there since the country is basically Saudi Arabia without the extremism.

[nation]Yahlia[/nation]: While the country is quite free right now, I believe they have committed the same mistake that their forefathers did. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, they decided to remedy their issues by creating yet [i]another[/i] Yugoslavia. Just like the real Yugoslavia, once the founding leadership dies off and good leadership dries up, Yahlia will probably explode into horrific levels of violence and civil war on the scale of the original Yugoslavia.

[nation]The New Mexican Confederation[/nation]: The New Mexican Confederation sounds like what would happen if the First Mexican Empire never fell and actually reformed the country. Considering they control where I live in the real world, and considering their high levels of freedom, I would probably live there.

[nation]NorthPortugal[/nation]: A massive colonial empire that vehemently denies being one, claiming to be a united federation of equally powerful states. While the situation at home can be considered great, the situation abroad is more questionable. While the government of the Commonwealth of Nations officially claims that their [strike]colonies[/strike] "overseas territories" are quite free and prosperous, it's believed that their African territories in particular continue to lag behind in wealth and power. So while I would probably live there, I wouldn't support the government and would call for the peaceful dissolution of the Commonwealth of Nations with many independent republics in its place.

[nation]Anskerdank[/nation]: The nation seems alright, just a quiet constitutional monarchy. I'd probably live there, though I'd probably want to see the abolition of the monarchy in favor of a full republic.

[nation]Drew Durrnil[/nation]: Seems like an average nation that's very free. I'd probably live there.

[nation]Estellan[/nation]: An extremely free and wealthy Nordic nation that likely has a strong social democratic tradition. Their leadership is quite young and capable, and with a goal of fighting off corruption, the government of Estellan seems quite noble and benevolent in their goals. As a full republic, it has my support. I would definitely live there since the nation has proven to be stable, democratic, and relatively corruption-free.

[nation]Kanokla[/nation]: Seems like a rich and free nation located in North America. Almost seems like an ideal version of the United States except for the territory. I'd definitely live there.

[nation]St Scarlett[/nation]: With an official website and statistics claiming they are quite a free nation, St Scarlett seems to have a lot going for it. However, despite being quite free on the surface, it's clear given its history that St Scarlett still suffers from widespread discrimination against men, probably requiring a movement by men similar to the struggle of women to vote. In addition, the country has a constitutional monarchy and is still largely dominated by the catholic church, meaning even if the government is officially quite free, the populace is probably still quite conservative and sexist. Overall, it's questionable if I'd live there, though if they continue on this current trajectory then after enough time the negative factors of the dominating catholic church and sexism might disappear, making St Scarlett a more interesting place to live in. Perhaps I could try living in St Lyra, free from St Scarlett's history of male oppression, though I'd still push for the abolition of the monarchy entirely and the creation of a full Skarlagen Republic.

[nation]Regnum Italiae[/nation]: I would probably not live there given that in their lore in 2021, the Italian government is just like Italy in the real world but more corrupt and unstable. Perhaps after their unstable period of history, and with the actual establishment of the country in question, I would probably live there; though I'd call for the abolition of the monarchy and restoration of a new and better Italian Republic.

[nation]Laver Island[/nation]: With its high levels of freedom and old democratic traditions, Laver Island seems like a great place. I would probably live there given how its also a Nordic nation with likely the same social democratic tendencies as its real life counterparts. I would advocate for the abolition of the monarchy and the creation of a Republic of Laver Island.

[nation]Einswenn[/nation]: This country seems quite rich and free. With Nordic social democratic traditions and a strong and stable government, Einswenn seems like a great place to live. The leadership is also quite young and forward-thinking, which only adds to my confidence in Einswenn. However, the country is not without instability. In a similar vain to Yahlia, Einswenn suffers from being a large and diverse country, and with occasional separatist riots and revolts, it's probable that Einswenn is, despite it's lovely exterior, facing instability from it's large diversity of groups that are internally creating cracks in its image. Ultimately, while a lovely country, the fact is that Einswenn is not long for this world, and will probably be facing serious ethnic violence and collapse within the next couple of decades, culminating in a collapse on the scale of the Yugoslav Wars, perhaps without as much nationalistic rhetoric or bloodshed since it would take place in the Nordic countries, but it would probably still be quite violent. Overall, despite being great, I wouldn't live there.

[nation]Esthe[/nation]: With questionable levels of freedom and a somewhat sluggish economy, Esthe is a nation that seems rather average on NationStates. I would probably live there but advocate for a better ruling party and government.

[nation]Rivierenland[/nation]: With high levels of freedom and stability despite their ethnic diversity, Rivierenland seems like a great place. Despite calling themselves a Republic, they still have a Queen, which makes me think that their government is similar to that of the Dutch Republic. In addition, their departure from the EU and general attitude makes me question whether or not this nation's leadership is truly the brightest or right for the country. While I would probably live in this country, I would definitely advocate for a return to the EU, full abolition of the monarchy, and try to get a better government in charge of Rivierenland so the people there can truly prosper.

[nation]Noristoniaka[/nation]: Despite high civil rights, the country has slipped into being somewhat of a dictatorship as they have unusually low political freedoms. Their nation is in a frozen wasteland with a government that claims to be an "imperial state," which isn't the best look. I definitely wouldn't live there since the country is freezing cold and the government is of questionable quality.

[nation]Elisabethshagen[/nation]: Being that this is quite a free and liberal nation, I would probably live in Elisabethshagen. However, I'd advocate for the abolition of the monarchy and the creation of a Federal Republic of Elisabethshagen.

[nation]Owlograd[/nation]: With high freedoms and an unusually large population of owls, Owlograd seems like a good place to be. I would not, however, live there, simply because the nation is freezing cold and is mostly made up of owls.

[nation]The Oriental Empire[/nation]: Inspired by the Byzantine Empire, this nation shows great promise as a great place to live. The government is quite liberal and free, governing with some sort of democracy as a constitutional monarchy. The country also has a rich culture and history, and is quite wealthy thanks to owning key trade nodes in its local region. Overall, I'd probably want to live there, though I'd advocate for the abolition of the monarchy and creation of an Oriental Republic.

[nation]Walfo[/nation]: Despite claiming to be in the process of democratization, Walfo's rulers continue to hold autocratic titles and show little evidence of being anything more than an empire. Contravening this autocratic rule, the country appears to be rather free both personally and politically, which raises questions as to what kind of country Walfo truly is. In the end, while I'd maybe go to Walfo, I would advocate for the abolition of the monarchy and the investment of power into a real Walfonian parliament, as well as the creation of a Republic of Walfo.

[nation]Baloo Kingdom[/nation]: With average political freedoms and somewhat questionable civil rights, the Baloo Kingdom would at first appear to be a questionable place to live. However, with a relaxed and chilled out government and a lack of crime, this place seems good enough for someone like myself to reside. I'd probably just call for the abolition of whatever monarchy rules there and the creation of a Baloo Republic, but other than that they seem fine.

[nation]Catinerooon[/nation]: This nation seems rather average in terms of freedom, as well as being communist. I'd probably live there, though I'd call for an end to communism and more religions freedom (even though I'm atheist lmao).

[nation]Yazakhastan[/nation]: Not a very promising nation, Yazakhastan has few freedoms for its citizens, and is quite heavily religious. The government appears to be a Russian Orthodox theocracy, and their leader's unwillingness to hear criticism (spelled out in their motto) is enough to make anyone wonder if this nation is even worth inhabiting. Overall, I'd probably not live there simply because of how unusual and reactionary the government is.

[nation]Magyarostan[/nation]: They're basically Hungary but extremely large and with North American colonies. The people seem to be mostly free to do as they wish, and the democratic government seems quite liberal. I'd definitely live there.

[nation]Prussian Chan[/nation]: Despite a lackluster economy, the government of Prussia appears to be quite liberal and free, and their citizens are allowed to do whatever they want. I would probably live there, though I'd try to reform and improve the economy so that the Prussian war machine can roar back to life.

[nation]Apabeossie[/nation]: As a secular and democratic society, Apabeossie would seem like a great place to live in. The government set in a completely fictional continent boasts wide-ranging political and civil rights, to the point where some say it has too much political freedom. In addition, the government's policies ranging from foreign affairs to education make it one of the best places to live on earth. With a strong level of stability, I would definitely live in this fledgling republic.

[nation]Libertandonien[/nation]: With average freedoms and an average economy, Libertandonien does not appear to offer much to anyone living there aside from a typical living experience. The country also appears to be a constitutional monarchy, which only makes Libertandonien more average. I'd probably live there, but call for the abolition of the monarchy and the creation of a Federal Republic of Libertandonien.

[nation]Jar Wattinree[/nation]: At first glance, Jar Wattinree might look like a dictatorship, given that they have extinguished political and personal freedom in the real world. Upon closer examination however, it's revealed that while they might be classified as a dictatorship based on their nonexistent rights for people in the real world, in reality that's because they are approaching the point of the technological singularity, allowing for their citizens to live entirely online. Therefore, they'd be better classified as a uniocracy, a proto-singularity with every person on the digital space. And in the digital space, it's believed that the citizens of Jar Wattinree do indeed possess plenty of rights, as they are free from discrimination and have one of the highest standards of living in the world. In addition, while not explicitly stated, citizens inhabiting the online space are probably able to entertain themselves with a vast array of games they could play, and work likely consists of maintaining this digital space, since other traditional jobs would no longer be needed. Overall, this place seems like a dream come true for me personally, and therefore I'd definitely live there and support the ruling party and government.

[nation]Dusendord[/nation]: A free and liberal nation governed by a constitutional monarchy. They also employ the Nordic model, which makes this nation pretty great for its citizens. I'd probably live there, though I'd call for the abolition of the monarchy and creation of a Serene Republic of Dusendord.

[nation]The Democratic Unionist Cool Kids[/nation]: With high levels of freedom for their citizens, the Cool Kids with their long name appear like a great place to live. Not everything is perfect in this nation, far from it actually. They have a parliament that has to split its power equally with the monarchy, which doesn't make for a very democratic nation. However, I'd probably still live there, though I'd call for the abolition of the monarchy and investment of power into their parliament. In addition, I think the name is too long and so they should simply call themselves the Kool Kids Klub or KKK (no association with the hate group).

[nation]Qwertyuiopa[/nation]: With somewhat average levels of freedom, the Tsardom of Qwertyuiopa doesn't seem that interesting. I would maybe not live there, though if I did I'd call for the abolition of the monarchy and creation of a Republic of Qwertyuiopa.

[nation]Federal Republic Of America And The Cari[/nation]: As the name suggests, they are essentially America but [i]actually[/i] all of America. Their leadership seems adequate for the nation, and their policies of blind compassion are somewhat noteworthy. Given the rather free and liberal stance of America and the Cari, I'd probably live there.

[nation]West Zands Sania[/nation]: This overtly French nation is one that can be considered quite average. Their people are personally free but can't choose their own government. Despite this, I'd maybe live there and call for the abolition of the monarchy and creation of a much freer and more democratic Republic of West Zands Sania.

[nation]Beverly MA[/nation]: Uniquely, this place is not a nation at all, but rather a small town of 43,000. While I'm sure many others would enjoy living here, the place seems a bit boring for someone such as myself, so I wouldn't live there. Still, the place seems free enough and seems like a great place for someone who enjoys a lovely little town on the seashore.

[nation]Bollonich[/nation]: With an average economy and high levels of freedom, Bollonich is a promising young nation which was founded on the principles of liberty and equality, something quite rare for a nation on this list. The state also has no official religion, and in fact its policies slightly tend towards atheism. Because of these factors, I'd definitely live there.

[nation]Opeshek[/nation]: Quite an average place, Opeshek is unique on this list for not being a nation but rather a tribe. The characteristic that separates this nation from other average nations is that it has unusually high political freedom compared to its personal freedoms. I would maybe live there, though I'd help the tribe advance to the era of nations and some sort of proper government so that they can develop the tribe into a state that can defend itself.

[nation]Garsakle[/nation]: A psychotic dictatorship where the citizens are slaves. I would not want to live there.

[nation]Asqiytreaqtyrolte[/nation]: A nation with low civil rights for their people, practically a dictatorship. I would not want to live there.

[nation]Lieges[/nation]: Considered a free and prosperous country, Lieges has a government, policies, and statistics similar to the United States, except more representative of the people. This is despite the nation being located nowhere near the actual United States. The country is known for having a strong President that intervenes in other countries to "spread freedom and democracy," which is a claim that sounds just as fake as the US' claim of finding WMDs in Iraq. The population appears to be mostly comprised of atheists, a joy only made better by the fact that the country has complete religious neutrality and tolerance. I would probably live there, though call for the end of intervention in other nations to try and "spread democracy," which again in my opinion sounds like a complete lie.

[nation]Farnhamia[/nation]: With their high levels of freedom and roaring economy, Farnhamia sounds like a great place to be. I'd definitely live there.

[nation]Catsfern[/nation]: A large and democratic society, Catsfern is a large Eurasian state controlling an area from Lisbon to Vladivostok. The government of this empire is mostly a democracy with the military handling a fourth branch of government from the first 3 democratic ones. The population and namesake of this nation is made up of regular guys and catgirls. Overall, while Catsfern seems like a great place to live, I personally don't think I'd fit in and so I wouldn't go there. Though for people more comfortable with catgirls, I'd recommend going there.

[nation]Anarchisticstan[/nation]: A free and prosperous nation, Anarchisticstan is officially an anarchist nation which in realty is a left-leaning capitalist state. With total equality before the law and formidable social programs, I would probably live there, though I'd call for the official abandonment of reaching anarchy when the "time is right," and instead just accepting that anarchism is impossible and focusing on reforming capitalism to be better.

[nation]Spacea[/nation]: This nation possesses high civil and political freedoms and a roaring economy. I would definitely live there.

[nation]Homyland[/nation]: With large freedoms, a strong economy, and an official website to boot, Homyland has made all attempts to present itself as a real and functional nation to the rest of NationStates. A liberal and socialist ruling policy combined with a republican government ultimately make for an interesting combination. As well as this, the country has moderate temperatures and lush forests. Overall, I'd definitely live there, though perhaps I'd try to get the government more focused on social democracy and less on socialism.

[nation]9003[/nation]: As a dictatorship that grants their people moderate freedoms, 9003 doesn't seem like that great of a place to live. In addition, slavery seems present and widespread in this nation, making it horrifying for most, if not all people. I would not live there.

[nation]Berlin and Potsdam[/nation]: Born from the ashes of a collapsed Germany in 1999, Berlin and Potsdam is a peculiar irregularity on this list. With high levels of freedom but an average economy for their citizens, Berlin ad Potsdam seems to be thriving. However, I question whether or not this nation will survive, since there are probably still calls for German unity to this day. In addition, being that they are mostly just the city of Berlin, the viability of this nation (and its independence) is called completely into question; it's likely that they receive their food from other German states and are thus dependent on them. So, with an untenable and unstable geopolitical situation, I probably wouldn't go there.

[nation]Estoniia[/nation]: The country of Estonia but with a slightly different government. I'd probably live there, though I'd call for the abolition of the monarchy and restoration of a Republic of Estonia.

[nation]Corosky[/nation]: With somewhat average personal freedoms and high political freedoms, Corosky seems like a somewhat average democracy. I'd probably live there.

[nation]Germany Third Reich[/nation]: With incredible levels of freedom and a roaring economy, Germany Third Reich is a vibrant and prosperous nation. However, these WA statistics that this nation initially trumpets are deceptive. The nation follows similar policies to the real Third Reich, and so in truth is probably a horrifying dystopia just like the real Nazi Germany. I'd definitely not live there.

[nation]San Guglielmo[/nation]: With an average economy and high levels of freedom, San Guglielmo seems like a good place to live. I'd probably live there, though I'd call for the abolition of the monarchy and rapid introduction of progressive ideals the rest of the world has already embraced.

[nation]North of Americas[/nation]: Confusingly controlling North America in some capacity, North of Americas is a rapidly growing and young nation, having only come into existence in 2014. Having only recently been freed from British rule, the nation boasts a stable and representative democracy with social democratic policies. I would definitely live there.