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GA "Reducing Microplastics" Voting Overview

Current Proposal: Reducing Microplastics


This proposal aims to reduce microplastics by mandating member nations to combat sources of microplastics or spread awareness about the subject through educational campaigns.



Outer Sparta wrote:Ambassador Tavoularoglou: I'm thrilled to see some more attention given to environmental matters especially with microplastics. We don't tend to notice those annoying, degraded, synthetic compounds made of petroleum polluting the world, so I love to see legislation on that front. Provided our delegation doesn't find any potential loopholes that polluters could exploit, I will give my full support.

Anatasha wrote:This is a great way to save the environment and prevent pollution in our world. This will not only benefit the environment and atmosphere but also the health of people.

Arvan Irawer wrote:This proposal will make the environment better, microplastics are in a way 'silent killers'. They are easy to miss and still are very damaging. Furthermore I can't find any loopholes, and it is well written generally.


Andrew Country 12 wrote:While the General Assembly's effort to protect the environment are commendable, the Twelvian Government is concerned that Section 4(a) of this resolution is unnecessary with proper regulation of microplastics in consumer products. Worried that fully complying to this resolution will require the government to upgrade its wastewater treatment plants at great expense, creating an undue economic burden on its citizens, Andrew Country 12 will vote against this resolution.